Emily’s Lebanese Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

emily's lebanese deli

Northeast is a cultural food hub and I’ve been wanting to try Emily’s Lebanese Deli for a while. Having never experienced Lebanese food before, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.


Lebanese Cuisine

Like I said before, I had no idea what I was doing, but I am always up for a new tastebud experience, so with the suggestion of my roommate, Carrie, I ordered Tabbouleh, which is made of couscous, onion, parsley, and other ingredients, and a Baked Kibbi, which is beef, wheat, and spices baked around a layer of lamb, onions and pine nuts.


This was really good paired with a pita chip. I originally just ate a forkful of it and it was like an onion explosion…not good. Luckily, Carrie showed me the correct way to consume tabbouleh.


Baked Kibbi:

Once again, I definitely ate this wrong. Since I was starving I ate it plain and cold, but I would suggest you eat this the correct way: warm. It still tasted good, though!

grilled kibbi 


The inside was much like any deli: cozy, with a handful of tables, and the counter service was quick and efficient.

I’m looking forward to going again after reading some of the online reviews. Next time I’ll try the Baba Ghannuj and the Spinach Pie.

Emily’s Lebanese Deli
641 University Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Open Daily 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM Except Tuesdays

One thought on “Emily’s Lebanese Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

  1. Andre Wilsey

    Hi Emily’s deli, I am begging you, to share what special spices you using or tabouli, because I use Red Mill Red Bulger, the recipe and it just does not stand up to yours, if you could just tell me what spices you use I will be a committed consumer like I have been for the last 30 years for your other great stuff like spinach pies, great please and the fantastic, lamb shank, thank you Andre


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