Tattersall Distilling | Northeast Minneapolis

Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis

I am obsessed with Tattersall Distiling in NE Minneapolis and cannot believe I have never written a full on review of them considering it is probably the place I most frequently recommend to people when they ask me where they should check out in Northeast. It is time to right that wrong.


Tattersall Distilling NE Minneapolis

I’ve had quite a few different cocktails at Tattersall over the years and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure which cocktails are in each one of these photos, because most of the cocktails I order are gin or vodka variations and seriously who can really tell those apart?! However, I will share the names of my favorites:

Mastodon: Mastic-infused vodka, lemon, soda, dill, house bitters

Tattersall Mule: Vodka, ginger, lime

Salty Dog: Gin, grapefruit crema, lemon, salt

Negroni: Gin, bitter orange, italiano, sour cherry liqueur, mole bitters

Bad & Bijou: Vodka, Gin, italiano, lime crema, absinthe

Tattersall Distilling Bootlegger

Bootlegger: Vodka, mint, lemon, lime and soda water

Tattersall Distilling Southside

Southside: Gin, lime, mint gomme, and habanero bitters – this one has a definite kick

Tattersall Distilling The Palm Club

The Palm Club: Vodka, earl grey tea, honey, and lemonĀ – this is like a John Daly aka spiked Arnold Palmer and is a delicious feature right now (modeled by Mikayla!)

Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis Gin

If you’re a whisky fan, I’ve also heard many great things about the Old Fashioned and the Bourbon Manhatten!

Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis Cocktail



Butcher Salt at Tattersall Distilling

Butcher Salt Loaded Fries: fries with double cheese, chipotle cheese sauce, bacon, and chipotle sour cream

Tattersall, like most of the Northeast breweries, partners with different food trucks as they do not serve food.

In the 2 months where it’s actually warm enough to be outside in Minnesota, there is nothing I love more than hanging out on the Tattersall patio, drinking some cocktails and trying out new foods orrrr if I’ve had more cocktails than I’ve planned (let’s be honest, that’s usually the issue), soaking it up with sides of fries haha.

Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis Food Truck

Arcane Kitchen: Waffle fries & seasoned sour cream



Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis Patio

I already talked about the outside, but I should also mention that the inside is beautiful. Located in the Thorp art building, it has the eclectic mixture of old warehouse and exposed wood. As the first distillery with a cocktail room in Northeast* they really set a standard for the other ones that came in after.

* I didn’t check my facts so this may not be fully accurate, but even if it’s not, they are the first cocktail room in Northeast that matters!

As for service it can be touch and go. Everyone is very friendly, but the pace of Tattersall is very slow moving because of how long it takes to craft each cocktail. It can get frustrating to get a drink at the bar so your best bet is to prepare to vulture on any table being vacated.

Tattersall Distillery Cocktail Room
1620 Central Ave NE Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Wednesday – Thursday: 4PM – 11PM
Friday: 4PM – MIDNIGHT
Sunday: 2PM – 9PM

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