Richie’s Cheese Curd Tacos | Guest Blogger

Cheese Curd Tacos Minnesota State Fair Food

Hello Hipster Hack followers, I’m Ashley and you may remember me from my many, many appearances here since I am Tara’s biggest supporter, and a fellow food lover. (Although I’m the sister that enjoys creating fun foods, while Tara’s the one that enjoys traveling to find it).

Best Cheese Curds In Minnesota | National Cheese Curd Day

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

Today is a day that will live in infamy..annually. Cheese is life and there is literally no food I love more than cheese curds. I probably have reviewed or took photos of cheese curds more than anything else in the history of Hipster Hack so I am going to properly document National Cheese Curd Day…

Bass Lake Cheese Factory | Somerset, Wisconsin

Bass Lake Cheese Factory Cheese BL Cheese

Our adventure to Bass Lake Cheese Factory started with my brother-in-law innocently breaking out their cheese and ended with my sister insisting we go there to get a Silly Dilly Grilled Cheese since I had never been and they now have a bar! It WAS her birthday party so who am I to fight with…

Wild Boar Bar and Grill | Oakdale, Minnesota

Wild Boar Bar and Grill Oakdale Food Menu

I’ve been trying (and failing quite a bit) this summer to eat low carb so when I determine it’s a cheat meal there is really only one thing I crave: a sandwich. While trying to find a new place to go near Woodbury that had a club sandwich on the menu boyfriend found Wild Boar…