The Velveteen Speakeasy | Stillwater, MN


I love a good prohibition era bar and it wasn’t hard to convince fiance that The Velveteen Speakeasy in Stillwater, Minnesota was the best spot for our next date night when I assured him it crossed off all his criteria:

  • Dim ✅
  • Strong Cocktails ✅
  • Pork Belly ✅

Plus who doesn’t love playing dress up to go to dinner?

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Bunny’s Bar & Grill NE | Northeast Minneapolis

Bunny's Bar and Grill NE

While Northeast does have many things, one thing that seems pretty lacking is Sports Bars. Besides Stanley’s, every other location is pretty dive or niche. So the triumphant opening of Bunny’s Bar & Grill NE was actually pretty exciting, not to mention their location in St. Louis Park has such a cult following from many of my suburb friends.

Having opened the week before Superbowl Sunday, they were not only my choice location to explain Football to our visiting British friend, but they were also my choice place to celebrate Adult Easter (seemed fitting) and continue to remain one of my favorite weekend beverage destinations.
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The 1029 Bar | Northeast Minneapolis

1029 Bar

As the winner of the 2015 City Pages Best Karaoke Bar, The 1029 Bar located in Northeast Minneapolis, is a no brainer. They host karaoke every Wednesday – Sunday from 9pm until close and their song selection is pretty eclectic…just like the clientele. Continue reading

Betty Danger’s Country Club | Northeast Minneapolis

Betty Danger's Country Club

The newest of the Psycho Suzi’s restaurant family (you can read the whole entertaining, “family history” HERE), is Betty Danger’s Country Club.

“A country club for the 99%. No membership required.”

I’m a firm believer in adding alcohol to my favorite childhood activities; hopscotch into a drinking game? Yep. Drinking wine in a fort? Check. And now, because of Betty Danger’s, you can ride a ferris wheel at a bar in the middle of a city…while drinking. Continue reading

Hipster Hack’s Best of 2014

Best of 2014

I’ve tried a bunch of amazing foods, drinks, and places this year, so I wanted to share my Top 6 (I couldn’t make myself limit it to 5!) choices for the Best of 2014!

The Vegas Lounge

6. The Vegas Lounge

It’s probably not fair to call this a best of 2014, because it wasn’t new to me this year, but any Hipster “Best Of” list just feels immoral without the inclusion of this gem. Northeast really does have some of the most amazing places.

Chocolate Milk Stout

5. Dangerous Man – Chocolate Milk Stout

I’ve never had a beer that tasted like childhood before. This beer makes Peter Pan Syndrome acceptable and for that it receives no less than a high5, wink, and awkward two step with a little twist. Continue reading

Dangerous Man Brewing Co. | Northeast Minneapolis

Dangerous Man Northeast

Dangerous Man Brewing Co has been at the top of my brewery list for a while, because I’ve been hearing such amazing things. I’m pleased to report that it lived up to the hipster hype.


NE Craft Beers

We went to Dangerous Man for girls night and between us had the Oktoberfest, Chocolate Milk Stout, and Kolsch. Nowhere near the whole selection, but it was a good start! Continue reading

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest | Northeast Minneapolis

Beer tent

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit Oktoberfest has come and gone. Some friends and I made it there this last Saturday, which happened to be the last day of Oktoberfest this year.

In order to eat or drink you needed to buy tokens. Tokens which are $5 a piece.

Gasthof's Northeast

Everything was also cash only, so if you want to avoid a long ATM line and a $3 ATM fee, I would suggest making a pit stop for cash on the way. Continue reading

Indeed Brewing Company | Northeast Minneapolis

Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company is one of my favorites. I’ve now experienced it during every season and while patio weather is clearly the most ideal, especially since they have a pretty legit food truck line-up, it’s still a really fun place to be in the winter.


Indeed Brewing

I have a weakness for their seasonal varietals. Mexican Honey was by far my favorite, but I’m also a pretty big fan of the LSD which has a really intriguing Lavender component.

Last week I was privileged to get a tour from Indeed Bartender/Bouncer/Busser Extraordinaire, Ben Hering. The truly amazing thing about Indeed is how successful they’ve managed to be in such a short amount of time. They’ve really gotten their recipe and their distribution down and it was cool to get a behind the scenes look. Continue reading

331 Club | Northeast Minneapolis

331 Club

331 Club (if you want to fit in I strongly suggest that you pronounce it three-three-one and not three hundred and thirty one or three thirty one) is another NE Dive Bar gem. There is literally something happening every night; bands, trivia, or even an adult spelling bee.


If you’re looking for a Mixologist this is not the place. On the menu are PBR tall boys and strong mixed drinks.


Hummus and pitas. This is a staple that should be at every bar.


This is probably the most consistent place for free live music in Northeast. There is pretty much a set every night (minus Blingo, Trivia, Spelling Bee, etc). The bands range from hipster to folksy hipster and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was to hear an accordion. It’s massively loud inside though, so if you’re looking for a conversation I’d strongly suggest going out on the patio. Continue reading