Sociable Cider Werks | Northeast Minneapolis

Sociable Cider Werks

I’m obsessed. Obsessed with the Freewheeler (described as the most popular cider on their menu). I’m obsessed with the old warehouse quality of the building. I’m obsessed with the foosball table, bocce ball court, and patio area. I’m obsessed with Sociable Cider Werks.

Being 90% Gluten Free (10% lazy), back when I lived in St. Paul and found out there was a cider tap room opening, I felt like the Gods of Northeast were beaconing me to join them.

sociable cider werks

Sociable can be a little hard to find due to it’s turn being wedged between a baseball diamond and a warehouse driveway, but once you get through to the secret garden there is plenty of parking and room for the delicious food trucks. You can see the food truck lineup HERE.

Word to the wise: while the spool tables look incredibly sturdy, do not use the bottom to push yourself onto a chair. I may or may not have made that mistake and spilled the contents of every glass on the table into the lap of a girl I just met…totally fine.

But hey, it’s not like someone can sit there in a brooding silence, soaking wet and angry at you while they’re at a place named after being social, right?

“Sociable (adj.) [soh-shuh-buhl]: Inclined to associate with or be in the company of others.  It seemed the perfect moniker for our products since we tend to behave pretty sociably while drinking strong ciders and beers.”

If you haven’t made it to Sociable Cider Werks yet, do yourself a favor and get there this weekend. They’re even open on Sundays! I’m also pretty excited to go on one of their complimentary tours.

Sociable Cider Werks
1500 Fillmore St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Thursday-Friday: 4pm-10pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm

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