The Market at Malcolm Yards | Minneapolis, MN

Wrecktangle Pizza Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Like basically every other Minnesotan, we wanted to try Wrecktangle Pizza hot off their win on the Good Morning America Ultimate Pizza competition. The closest location to us is at The Market at Malcolm Yards, which was an added bonus for me, because I have been wanting to try out this food hall for a while.

We assumed that it would be a bit of a wait for pizza (which it was) so it was great to also have so many other options to snack on.

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Seattle Trip 2022 | Seattle, WA

Seattle Space Needle

We just got married at the end of October and while we aren’t planning to take our proper honeymoon until the Spring, we did want to take a trip to take advantage of the time off from work and also have a moment to celebrate together before going back to everyday life.

When picking a destination I knew it needed to be quick to get to, somewhere there was a lot to do in a small area to maximize our 2-3 days, and lastly, I preferably wanted it to be somewhere neither of us had been before so we could experience it together. Seattle checked all of the boxes.

We lucked out that we visited in the off season, because all the big attractions had zero wait time and we did get a discounted rate on our hotel (it was about $130 a night vs the $300 it goes for during spring/summer), but if you’re looking for tricks on how to save money on a trip to Seattle you’re in the wrong place haha. We definitely treated this as a splurge trip and didn’t limit ourselves to budget friendly options, BUT I can promise that 99% of the places we visited we would definitely go to again if we did it all over.

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Minnesota State Fair Foods 2022 | Saint Paul, MN


The Minnesota State Fair is my favorite food event of the year! Normally I go multiple times, but with my wedding in a couple months we were forced to try to jam pack everything into one power 4 hour visit this year, which meant that I had to forgo a few normal fair food staples to make room for more new foods.

Below are all the foods we had this year plus the new items from Nordic Waffles that we were able to try at a State Fair preview event the night before it opened.

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Saint Paul Brewing | St. Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul Brewing Patio Ski Lift Swing

Saint Paul Brewing is my absolute favorite patio. I know it sounds made up or ridiculous, but the first time we went there last year, I felt a rush of pure joy that has only happened to me a handful of other times like when I heard my favorite song performed by my favorite band live, when I was about to jump out of a plane with a human strapped onto my back, and when we secured our wedding venue and it hit me that we were actually getting married.

Don’t get me wrong, the beer is really good, too haha, but without a doubt, my obsession with this brewery revolves around the joy and wonder their patio gives me.
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Have Ya Herd Corn Maze | Hudson Wisconsin

Have Ya Herd Goats

For YEARS I have wanted to do a corn maze. It was a dream come true when boyfriend said he wanted to do a fall date day and that I could pick the activity! Knowing his love for puzzles, the Have Ya Herd Corn Maze was the perfect marriage of goats and an outdoor activity that I love AND the problem solving and puzzles that he loves…sometimes I know how to compromise 😉  .

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White Pine Berry Farm | River Falls Wisconsin

White Pine Berry Farms

Fall has so many activities; apple picking, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes! White Pine Berry Farms Fall Family Days are the perfect family fall activity. They have a bouncy house, animals to feed and pet, a free hay ride, pumpkins, raspberry picking AND a corn maze!

Unfortunately, when I went with my sister and her family  it was opening weekend we weren’t able to check out the corn maze, because it was way too muddy, but we did get to check out all the other fun fall activities! Literally the best part about fall is that no one bats an eye when I ask to tag along to their family activities haha. Continue reading

Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar Dog Menu | Minneapolis

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar Dog Friendly

My sister texted me out of the blue to let me know that she saw that there are some places in Minneapolis with dog specific menus and that she was willing to let me rent my dog niece to take her for some bonding hahahaha. Fast forward a month later (because trying to find free time in summer is impossible) and we had the perfect girls day with my sister and both of my nieces haha.

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Bad Axe Throwing | Northeast Minneapolis

Bad Axe Throwing

Being a lover of Northeast basically means you’re a lover of all things Minnesotan with hipster glasses and a little tighter pants. The Minneapolis location of Bad Axe Throwing is the perfect culmination of a Minnesotan’s love of Paul Bunyan and Northeast Minneapolis’ love of flannel.

The only thing that would make it better? Beer.

I will air my one grievance now, because honestly I had no other issues at all with my experience so it’s best to just get the negative out of the way. In multiple news reviews and even google reviews there are references to this place being a bar and that people were able to bring in their own beer and wine. This is not true. The day prior I was told that it is a “dry” facility. From asking more about it, it sounds like they are currently trying to get their liquor license to serve beer and wine on site (so there is hope), however, because a group event has a 2 week cancellation policy and knowing that other axe throwing facilities do allow drinking we were frustrated…especially as this doesn’t appear to have always been the case.

Negative portion over, let’s get to the main event.
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