Miracle At Lawless Distilling | Minneapolis

Miracle At Lawless Distilling

Now through December, Lawless Distilling Company is the home of one of 50 Holiday pop-ups around the country, originating in New York City, that features hilariously named Christmakkuh drinks. The event is called “Miracle at Lawless,” and although it did require a bit of a wait to get in, due to the low capacity, which is something people who live in Minnesota are just not known to tolerate doing during the winter, the mild weather made it an ok night to stand under the heater and shoot shit with the bouncer until it was our turn to elbow our way through the crowd.


Lawless Distilling Company

The Lawless cocktail room is pretty petite, so while I’m sure it’s fine on a normal day, it was jam packed full of vultures hovering around the tables to pounce on any sign of departure, and there were some unfortunate novices to the distillery/tap room experience who didn’t understand that an “Order Here” sign, means that you go there to order and not try to sneak up to the bar, so the crowd part wasn’t ideal.

The decorations were adorable though, and the staff was really holding it together and still managed to have a sense of humor even during the chaos. When I cheered that it was my turn to get my drink, they cheered back.


lawless distilling miracle at lawless drink menu

The whole menu was pretty amazing. I was tempted to get the “Gin & Tonika,” solely because it’s recently become a joke that my sister claims we are 1% Jewish due to her ancestry.com results, and I’ve since been learning yiddish pronunciations from my actual Jewish friends and trying to get them to help me plan a Bat Mitzvah, but I went with my heart instead and got the Muletide.

multide lawless distilling

Muletide: Vodka, hazelnut liqueur, ginger syrup, Jamaican #1 bitters, CO2, and Lime.

Egg Nog

Mikayla & Linnea both had the nog. Mikayla, unsurprisingly, absolutely loved it, because she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves egg nog, while Linnea, not a nog fanatic, was iffy on it, so if you’re a nog snob you will likely enjoy it.

Jingle Ball Nog: Aged rum, “Sherry,” peanut butter syrup, house-made eggnog, vanilla, and nutmeg


Miracle at Lawless - Lawless Distilling Company

Four Stars. Go try it out.

Miracle At Lawless Distilling
2619 28th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
**Now through New Year’s Eve
Sunday – Thursday: 4PM – 10PM
Friday – Saturday: 4PM – 12AM

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