Seattle Trip 2022 | Seattle, WA

Seattle Space Needle

We just got married at the end of October and while we aren’t planning to take our proper honeymoon until the Spring, we did want to take a trip to take advantage of the time off from work and also have a moment to celebrate together before going back to everyday life.

When picking a destination I knew it needed to be quick to get to, somewhere there was a lot to do in a small area to maximize our 2-3 days, and lastly, I preferably wanted it to be somewhere neither of us had been before so we could experience it together. Seattle checked all of the boxes.

We lucked out that we visited in the off season, because all the big attractions had zero wait time and we did get a discounted rate on our hotel (it was about $130 a night vs the $300 it goes for during spring/summer), but if you’re looking for tricks on how to save money on a trip to Seattle you’re in the wrong place haha. We definitely treated this as a splurge trip and didn’t limit ourselves to budget friendly options, BUT I can promise that 99% of the places we visited we would definitely go to again if we did it all over.

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