Salvation Army Minneapolis – “Fake Target”

salvation army

The Salvation Army in Downtown Minneapolis has what has been deemed “Fake Target” in the basement, due to the fact that Target Corporate, which is located in Downtown, drops off their close outs there…at least that’s the rumor.

After visiting I feel like I can confirm the validity of this rumor, considering almost every article of clothing has a Target brand label and appears to be unworn.

Upstairs – Salvation Army:

fake target clothes by the pound

Upstairs they sell clothes by the pound. There are a variety of bins you can sift through as well as a lot of furniture. It’s almost more of a rummage sale feel.

clothes by the pound

Downstairs is where the real deals happen.

Downstairs – Fake Target:

Clothes. Racks and racks of clothes. It was pretty bare when we went, which makes me wish there was a schedule posted of when Target donates.

thrift store

I did recognize a lot of the clothes from this summer at Target, though. For example, the pineapple shirt that my roommate bought for $15 dollars this summer was on sale for $7.

salvation army downtown minneapolis

They also had a bunch of really cute strapless dresses that appear to have never been worn.

secondhand clothes

They also had a very picked over collection of slip on shoes.

thrift store minneapolis

And a few gems like this.

downtown minneapolis


The workers were pretty abrasive and clearly hated their lives. One was walking around muttering “fuck” under her breathe, which while hilarious, was also a little ominous.

Overall, I think if you were to know when Target was doing a drop off it would be worth it, but unfortunately, this place did not live up to the hype.

Salvation Army – Minneapolis
900 N 4th St
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Monday – Saturday: 9AM – 8PM

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