Turtle Bread Company | South Minneapolis

Turtle Bread Minneapolis

Turtle Bread Company in Minneapolis also goes by Cafe Levain  and Pizza Biga during the evenings. During the day it’s a bakery and deli that serves delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Why do they call it Turtle Bread? According to them they’ve been “taking their time” creating hand-crafted artisan breads since 1994. How cute is that?


Turtle Bread Company Minneapolis

The first time I went was with a group of my coworkers, because we were on a quest to find the best grilled cheese in the area and had heard amazing things. The rumors were true.

This time I ordered the Hot Ham & Cheese. It was just as delicious as the original with the same fresh baked bread and cheese, only with the meat bonus.  I also ordered the Tomato Basil which is according to their website their #1 seller. After one taste, it’s obvious why.  The consistency is a nice thickness. Not too thick, but not runny like most tomato soups.

Turtle Bread Company’s soup is made fresh daily. The types offered also vary, so they suggest you call ahead if you’re looking for a particular one.

A normal grilled cheese goes for $5 and a cup of soup goes for a little more than $4. It’s not the cheapest, but the ingredients are fresh and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Turtle Bread Soup


Ordering at the counter can get a little confusing, because there’s a lot going on and they tend to ask you for your soup order before you’re actual order. They also bring you soup at the counter, while they will give you a number and deliver your sandwich to you at the table. Overall it’s efficient and friendly it can just be a little bit of a cluster depending on how busy they are.


There’s no set clientele here. It’s laid back like a deli and trendy enough to pass as a coffee shop.  I’ve seen older couples drinking coffee, mom’s bustling their children in for lunch, and what appeared to be college students working on papers.

Turtle Bread’s food is delicious and you feel warmth when you walk in. I’d definitely suggest it for your next lunch date be it romantic or platonic.

Turtle Bread Company – Minneapolis
4762 Chicago Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Daily: 6AM – 9PM

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