Jakeeno’s Pizza And Pasta – Thursday Special | South Minneapolis


If you’re looking for delicious food on a budget, Jakeeno’s Pizza and Pasta has a tremendous Thursday Date Night Special. For $35 you get an appetizer, pizza, shared dessert, and either a bottle of wine or pitcher of beer.

This deal is insane, especially since there is so much food that you have leftovers for lunch the next day…or at least you should…no judgment here haha.




When we saw that Deschutes Black Butte Porter was on the menu, it made us a little nostalgic for our Portland girl’s trip, so it would have been blasphemy to order anything else.


Definitely the right decision considering how smooth and chocolatey Deschutes porter is,



I had never heard of Jakeeno’s until Lisa suggested their date night deal, but after one visit it became clear why they’re such a local favorite.



Choosing an appetizer was probably the hardest decision due to my obsession with cheese bread, but because I knew I would be eating pizza, I didn’t want to push my gluten intolerance too far. When Lisa suggested the baked stuffed jalapeños they seemed like the perfect choice.

*Secret: One of my biggest regrets in life is my low spice tolerance. Mostly, because I’m surrounded by people, Lisa included, who would think Sriracha soup was normal. For the last year I’ve made it my goal to beat my tastebuds into submission, and my weapon of choice: jalapeños. Seeing Lisa’s shocked face when I agreed made the year of torture worth it, and being able to eat them without crying was a grand personal victory.



There were a lot of different pizza options. The featured pizza was the Thai Curry, which was really tempting, and Lisa said that the BBQ, Chicken Alfredo, and Rosemary Potato Pizzas are all delicious. In the end we went with the more standard, yet no less delicious, House Special (sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom).



Between the beer and the food I was certain I would explode before I could eat another bite, but that was only until I saw they had ice cream on the dessert menu (no judgement remember)!

After experiencing date night at Jakeeno’s, it’s obvious that they’re motivated by practicality when they included a shared dessert into the deal. So much food.

Jakeeno’s Pizza And Pasta
3555 Chicago Ave
S. Minneapolis, MN 55407
Open Daily: 11AM – 11PM

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