Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room | Minneapolis

Stanley's Northeast

Places like Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room are what I love about Northeast. A local pub with a fun vibe, weekly events, and great menu.

We happened to go on a Monday night and arrived right as Get A Clu Trivia was starting.


Lisa, Nellie, and I decided to take Team “Stillwater Runs Deep,” 3 members strong, out of retirement. We started off phenomenally, pulling answers out of our ass that somehow managed to be correct and we were feeling pretty good about representing the team name. Unfortunately, things quickly went south and we somehow scraped by a mere 10 points shy of having the worst score of the night…we probably should have stayed retired. Just call it the Brett Favre complex.



Like I said previously, Stanley’s has a great pub vibe that seems to be a common thread of my favorite Northeast establishments. Predominately made up of bar seating, Stanley’s is set up like a horseshoe, with the bar as a focal point. They have some local art on the wall and this pretty great Northeast mural on the south side.



What I love most about Northeast food is the bar food with a twist. At Stanley’s it was cheesecurds served with spicy ketchup and sweet potato fries served with chipotle mayo. Delicious and just different enough to make it feel like a special night out!



Lisa and Nellie both ordered hot drinks and Nellie’s hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Creme was delicious! My first drink was the Stanley Ginger and it was exactly what I needed; potent.


My second drink was heavenly. I wish I remember exactly what it was, but, unfortunately, Stanley’s doesn’t list their specialty cocktails on their website. I can tell you that it was a chocolate martini of some sort, and if it had been a Friday instead of a Monday, I would have at least had another one.


Stanley’s also has a pretty good reputation for their beer offerings. You can check out their list HERE.


Our waitress was very attentive and friendly. The trivia guys were also pretty great. They even came to our table to collect our answers a majority of the time.


There’s a small lot in the back, which is convenient, because otherwise it’s street parking. Because Stanley’s is located on the corner of Lowry and Broadway the area is generally busy.

Overall, a fun night with some fun friends. Afterall, true friendship is when they ask you if you need to take a picture of their drink before they take a sip haha.

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room
2500 University Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Monday – Friday: 11AM – 2AM
Saturday – Sunday: 9AM – 2AM

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