Betty Danger’s Country Club | Northeast Minneapolis

Betty Danger's Country Club

The newest of the Psycho Suzi’s restaurant family (you can read the whole entertaining, “family history” HERE), is Betty Danger’s Country Club.

“A country club for the 99%. No membership required.”

I’m a firm believer in adding alcohol to my favorite childhood activities; hopscotch into a drinking game? Yep. Drinking wine in a fort? Check. And now, because of Betty Danger’s, you can ride a ferris wheel at a bar in the middle of a city…while drinking.

betty danger's danger

We went to Betty Danger’s for a Birthday Party and really our sole goal while there was to get on the ferris wheel or “The Danger” as they call it. So this review is going to focus on that…and the alcohol 🙂

You can read the menu HERE and read about the Mini Golf course HERE, which I will definitely be trying next time!

The Danger:

ne ferris wheel

This was one of the first places suggested to me by a reader of Hipster Hack and I knew that with how popular patio season is in Northeast, it was within my best interest to go sooner rather than later to actually have a chance to get on the ferris wheel.


betty danger menu

Each ride is 20 minutes long (approximately 5 full rotations) and there are two seperate options; alcoholic or non alcoholic. For each package you are paying for the ride and a drink. You are also able to bring additional drinks with you, so however many you need for 20 minutes I suggest you have ready!


danger drinks

The Danger drinks are a little different than the normal offerings. You can see the selection in the photo above.

I had the Prickly Pear Slush Margarita and it was phenomenal. I strongly recommend it. Although, I have to be honest, it was pretty cold outside so it was a little brutal to hold in my hand. Luckily, the ferris wheel has cup holders as well as a small table.

As for the other drinks, they have a great margarita selection, wine selection, beer selection, and a full bar. Our Titos Vodka and Bacardi drinks were somewhere around $6 each, which is pretty decent for Minneapolis!

Danger Food:

We didn’t get on the ferris wheel until after 10pm and they had already stopped serving food on there, but when you purchase your ticket you can also place an order for some snack foods; chips and dip, bon bons, veggie pinwheels, cheese & crackers, or buffalo chicken burrito.

Since the ferris wheel starts running at noon daily (during Danger season) my sister, Andrea, suggested that it would be a really fun activity to do with our neice and nephew…unfortunately there are a couple things to keep in mind when attempting to bring children to Betty Danger’s Country Club:

  1. They must be 54″ (4 1/2 feet) to ride The Danger or play Mini Golf.
  2. Betty Danger’s motto is “A Country Club on Crack,” so while it may not be a strip club, it’s maybe not as kid friendly as say, Chuck E Cheese.

The Ride:

FullSizeRender (5)

First off, the view is great. Besides the Lowry bridge you can also actually see the Minneapolis skyline.

This guy is also just waiting to be discovered on the roof…


The woman collecting our tickets was even kind enough to point out which seat you can get the best selfies from. A theory we were more than willing to test…

Betty Danger Selfie

The one thing I was nervous about pre-ride was that I was wearing a skirt and it was pretty cold and windy. So I was beyond excited when we realized that they were offering out loaner blankets during the ride.



The vibe is crack chic. The walls are full of stuffed animals, beautiful portraits like the one below, and the staff wear a festive bow-tie and checkered shirt combination.

betty danger's art

Besides the giant, open patio, there is also a nice indoor seating area complete with fireplace, bar area, and dining area.

Overall it was a super fun place to hang out with friends and probably one of the coolest things I’ve done in the city to date.

Although membership is not required, Betty Danger’s does offer some Membership Packages, complete with lockers, tee times, and after hours reservations. If you’re so inclined you can check them out HERE.


I feel like parking should be noted here, because they offer a variety of solutions.

  • Street parking, which was actually pretty plentiful.
  • Valet services
  • The Tiki Tram!

Betty Danger, Psycho Suzi and Donny Dirks all share the Tiki Tram which is an open air Tram that travels in a circular loop between all locations and over the river on 2 bridges. You can board at any location and take the Tram tour to your next destination. Leave your car parked at one spot and hit all the others, the Tram will deliver you back safely to your original location. Service runs steadily and arrives every 15 minutes or less at each location Thursday-Sunday from 5pm-10pm. A complete loop to all three locations takes less than 15 minutes. Enjoy the ride and enjoy the fresh air. Tram tours are $1/boarding. No food or beverages are allowed on the Tram, please.

Who doesn’t love having their bar crawl route figured out ahead of time?!

Betty Danger’s Country Club
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 1AM

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