Nicollet Island Inn | Northeast Minneapolis

Nicollet Island Inn NE Minneapolis

I’ve been lucky to be able to get out of town pretty much all summer by visiting my parent’s lake home, but much like everyone else, I’ve been missing my friends a lot during social distancing. So when the stars aligned and Mikayla and I were both in town on Friday night I was beyond thrilled to have plans with someone else besides my boyfriend’s demon cat haha.

It was a beautiful day so I was excited when Mikayla suggested we go to Nicollet Island Inn, especially since I had never been!

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Best Cheese Curds In Minnesota | National Cheese Curd Day

Pat's Tap Minneapolis

Today is a day that will live in infamy..annually. Cheese is life and there is literally no food I love more than cheese curds. I probably have reviewed or took photos of cheese curds more than anything else in the history of Hipster Hack so I am going to properly document National Cheese Curd Day by sharing them all in one post for your viewing (and drooling) pleasure. Continue reading

Tony Jaros Burger Dive | Northeast Minneapolis

Wedge Burger Burger Dive Tony Jaros Northeast

Burger Dive is the new name of the kitchen operation at Tony Jaros Rivergarden, similar to how Smack Shack runs the kitchen at 1029 (another Northeast gem), Smack Shack chef, Josh Thoma partnered with chef Nick O’Leary (Borough, Coup d-etat, and Travail) to rejuvenate the food at this classic Northeast dive bars.

You can read the full Tony Jaros Rivergarden Hipster Hack HERE. It also looks like a second Burger Dive location will be opening up in Rosedale Center’s second attempt at a Food Hall so stay tuned there! Continue reading

MN Nice Cream | Northeast Minneapolis

MN Nice Cream NE Minneapolis

I’ve been staring at photos from MN Nice Cream on Instagram for, well, YEARS and I’ve passed it driving more times than I can count so when my sister went to the new Stillwater location before I got there and rubbed it in my face, it was game on! Luckily, during our annual brewery crawl this year we started at MN Nice’s nextdoor neighbor, Able Seedhouse + Brewery giving me the perfect opportunity!

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Fair State Brewing Cooperative | Northeast Minneapolis

Fair State Brewing Cooperative

The first time I was at Fair State Brewing Cooperative I was on a date in the winter so I’ve been meaning to get back there to try out the patio and also be able to take photos without it being awkward ha Continue reading

Tattersall Distilling | Northeast Minneapolis

Tattersall Distilling Northeast Minneapolis

I am obsessed with Tattersall Distiling in NE Minneapolis and cannot believe I have never written a full on review of them considering it is probably the place I most frequently recommend to people when they ask me where they should check out in Northeast. It is time to right that wrong. Continue reading

Bad Axe Throwing | Northeast Minneapolis

Bad Axe Throwing

Being a lover of Northeast basically means you’re a lover of all things Minnesotan with hipster glasses and a little tighter pants. The Minneapolis location of Bad Axe Throwing is the perfect culmination of a Minnesotan’s love of Paul Bunyan and Northeast Minneapolis’ love of flannel.

The only thing that would make it better? Beer.

I will air my one grievance now, because honestly I had no other issues at all with my experience so it’s best to just get the negative out of the way. In multiple news reviews and even google reviews there are references to this place being a bar and that people were able to bring in their own beer and wine. This is not true. The day prior I was told that it is a “dry” facility. From asking more about it, it sounds like they are currently trying to get their liquor license to serve beer and wine on site (so there is hope), however, because a group event has a 2 week cancellation policy and knowing that other axe throwing facilities do allow drinking we were frustrated…especially as this doesn’t appear to have always been the case.

Negative portion over, let’s get to the main event.
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Pryes Brewing Company | Northeast Minneapolis

pyres brewing company minneapolis minnesota

On our recent crawl around Northeast we made it a point to cross the river and finally visit Pryes Brewing Company.

This Brewery/taproom is beautiful. I know that it’s pretty typical at this point for breweries to be popping up in warehouses with high ceilings and lots of exposed metal tops, but there was just something a little extra that I can’t exactly define that set this place above the rest.
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Centro At Popol Vuh | Northeast Minneapolis

Centro at popol vuh northeast minneapolis

Let me just preface this with how excited I am that finally someone was smart enough to open up a restaurant close to Indeed Brewing Company and Able Seedhouse + Brewery. While food trucks are a brewery staple, it just did not make sense that there was this whole area of Northeast without viable food options. With that I would like to say thank you to Centro @ Popol Vuh for being smart enough to join the neighborhood and for being open in time for my birthday celebration!

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