Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking | Woodbury

Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Crab Claw

There’s nothing more obnoxious than when someone talks about a diet they’re on, so I apologize ahead of time for all the references to keto here, but that was the literal reason behind our choice of Bonfire Wood Fire Cooking in Woodbury as our date night destination.

When your diet consists of meat, cheese, select vegetables and sauces it makes a bun-less burger your go-to (and safest bet) when out to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good burger, but this time we decided to choose a restaurant that would offer us a bunch of hearty, low carb options.


Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Crab Claw

Crab Claws: Jonah crab claws, spicy parmesan-lemon butter, tomatoes and toasted baguette

We both wanted a little surf & turf action, but weren’t exactly into the price tag so we improvised by getting the crab claws appetizer. It was a little confusing to eat, but when you got to the butter at the bottom it made it pretty good. I don’t know that I would say it’s worth it’s price tag considering how little crab meat you actually get, but it was a nice change to be able to get an app!

Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Bull Bites

Bull Bites: Cajun-seasoned tenderloin tips with crispy haystacks, béarnaise and horseradish sauce

We also ordered the bull bites, which I had actually had years ago at the Grand Ave location (RIP). I didn’t remember it coming with all the extras, so that was a little surprising and being keto I wish it would have just been the straight up pile of meat, but they were flavored the way I remembered and I’m a whore for horseradish.

Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken: Lemon-garlic marinated and spit-roasted

I had really high hopes for this. I do think it was prepared right so nothing against the chef, but there just wasn’t a lot of meat and I guess I didn’t realize how grossed out I would be by the greasiness of the skin (lucky for Tom since that is his favorite part apparently). I was pretty underwhelmed and left still unsatisfied.

Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Prime Rib

Prime Rib: Served with 2 sides

Tom ordered the Prime Rib. His feedback was that it was good, but he also felt underwhelmed. Who knows, maybe we set ourselves up for failure by being so excited to go there, but it was disappointing to have all these selections and nothing really blow us away. For both of us our favorite part was the side salad…



Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Cocktails

Titos + Soda with lemon and lime

It was only $6.50 for a double Titos with club soda, so I’m not complaining. They have a pretty decent tap list and cocktail list and if you go during Happy Hour it’s $2 off. I also saw after that they have lettuce wraps on their Happy Hour menu, which I immediately regretted not getting instead of the chicken.

Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Beer



Bonfire Woodfire Grill Woodbury Crab Claw

They have a beautiful outdoor seating area and for a Friday night it wasn’t crowded and we were able to get a table immediately, which in Woodbury isn’t normal.

Our server was really attentive and friendly. Absolutely no complaints there.

Overall, we were excited about the options on the menu and in general it was nice to be able to go out and have a variety of dishes to choose from for our self-inflicted dietary restrictions, but for the price tag of our meal it was a bummer to leave and not feel content. I can’t say that we’ll never go back, but as is, it will be far from our first choice.

Bonfire Wood Fire Kitchen
1424 Weir Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125
Monday – Wednesday: 11AM – 10PM
Thursday: 11AM – 10PM
Friday: 11AM – MIDNIGHT
Saturday: 10AM – MIDNIGHT
Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

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