Boomin Barbecue | Hudson, WI

Boomin Barbecue Nova Bar Hudson, WI

Every year we have a March Madness bracket with my parents and instead of the winner getting a pool of cash, we play where the loser owes everyone dinner. After a damn near 10 year streak of having dinner bought for me, I regret to share that this year I was officially the loser. The plus side is that it meant that I got to pick where we had dinner!

I’d been hearing such amazing things about Boomin Barbecue ever since they moved out of Minneapolis to the Nova Bar in Hudson and since my parents were staying at my sister’s IN Hudson it was the perfect opportunity to check them out!


Boomin Barbecue Nova Bar Hudson, WI

Chopped Pork Sandwich

My mom and I both opted for the chopped pork sandwich. I absolutely loved mine. The seasoning and the cook paired perfectly. My dad and husband both got the lamb shoulder sandwich. Husband liked it, but he also had a bite of mine and agreed that the chopped pork was amazing.

Boomin Barbecue Nova Bar Hudson, WI

Cucumber Salad

I’m not a coleslaw person, but I was excited to see the cucumber salad on the menu. I’d gladly eat that daily. My parents both got the coleslaw, though, and they liked it!



Boomin Barbecue Nova Bar Hudson, WI

Exxxpresso Martini

I’ve never met an espresso martini that I didn’t like. This was no exception. Highly recommend. They also have a full bar!


I’ve never been to the Nova Bar, so as a first timer, it was really cool to be in such a a historic building. We ate on the patio which was awesome and I was also pleasantly surprised that there was a parking lot, because usually parking in Hudson is obnoxious.

Service was great. You put in your orders for food and drinks at the bar and they bring them right to you. I would definitely go back.

Boomin Barbecue
236 Coulee Rd
Hudson, WI 54016


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