Hai Hai | Northeast Minneapolis, MN

Hai Hai NE Minneapolis

I have a Hipster Hack for Hai Hai from back when they opened so an updated one was long overdue. I’d still suggest reading the original Hipster Hack if you want to learn why it’s called Hai Hai, which means 22 in Vietnamese!


Hai Hai NE Minneapolis

Crispy Rice Salad: Red curry rice, cucumber, ginger, fish sauce, lime, herbs, scallion, puffed rice, baby gem lettuce scoops

This wasn’t one they had listed as an appetizer, but my friend recommended we get it, because it was a shareable size and really good – she was correct.

Hai Hai NE Minneapolis

Coconut Shrimp Toast: Fried shrimp mousse, bread, toasted coconut, scallion, jalapeno, sweet chili jam

I’m not a huge fan of jalapeƱos, but this toast was really good and not too spicy. The mix of flavors was really unique.

Hai Hai NE Minneapolis

Beef Rendang: Beef slow cooked in dry curry with rich spices, coconut cream, tamarind and lemongrass, served with coconut rice and califlower greens urap

I’m a spice baby so I knew I was being a little risky with this one, however it just sounded too good to pass up. It definitely had heat in the meat, but it wasn’t unbearable by any means. The server even clarified when I was ordering about the spice level, so I think they’re used to our Minnesota palates hahaha



I wasn’t drinking that night so I don’t have any photos, but the cocktail menu looks fantastic (can find it at the link below).



I am very glad I was able to revisit Hai Hai. The service was great and the restaurant is small, but the tables aren’t slammed together so you do have a bit of space. They have a really cute outdoor patio that I would have loved to sit on if it had been a little warmer!

Hai Hai
2121 University Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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