Agave Kitchen | Hudson, Wisconsin

Agave Kitchen Hudson Wisconsin

I get it. Hudson is a little far out there, but trust me on this one!

Full Disclosure: I’ve spent more time eating (and “drinking wisconsinbly”) at Agave Kitchen than any other restaurant in the Twin Cities. Yes, the food is good, but the real reason for me is because I love being able to go there to spend time with my sister who is Agave Kitchen’s General Manager. A few times a week you can also find Andrea behind the bar slinging mojitos and screaming “SEE YOU TOMORROW” at guests who are leaving haha… So yeah, full disclosure: I know many of the people who work there because they are my sister’s 2nd family, but I am not getting any kick backs for writing this Hipster Hack (not saying I didn’t try, just saying it didn’t happen…hahaha just kidding).

My sister has been working at Agave for somewhere around 9(?) years so it’s safe to say I’ve tried a LOT of their food. Originally I used to go there when I was in my mid 20s as a loophole, because if your sister is the bartender you’re not eating and drinking alone, right? RIGHT?! However, their keto menu is the star of this Hipster Hack.

It has been a strugglefest to find places to go out to eat that are actually affordable (aka not a steak house) and have keto food options other than a bunless burger and a side salad. Agave Kitchen has a whole keto friendly subset to their menu AND they have keto monthly features like the lobster mac & cheese you’ll see below (made with cauliflower rice). If you’re keto, this definitely makes it worth the 30 minute drive for a date night!

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