D-Spot Wings | Oakdale, MN

D-Spot Wings Oakdale Minnesota

It was time for date night and after a pretty hectic week for both of us, so even though I hate eating with my hands and hate eating wings off the bone, I took one for the team so that Tom could go to his food mecca: D-Spot Wings in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Ok ok, I know this isn’t keto. It started off with the greatest intentions, I figured it’s a wing spot: Meat + look up the sauces ahead of time = good to go, right? Well, my plans got derailed when I received this text and burst out laughing: “If we’re going to D spot then I need to be granted a temporary keto reprieve.” Apparently, it’s a sin to go to D-Spot and not get the fries. So cheat meal time it is!
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