D-Spot Wings | Oakdale, MN

D-Spot Wings Oakdale Minnesota

It was time for date night and after a pretty hectic week for both of us, so even though I hate eating with my hands and hate eating wings off the bone, I took one for the team so that Tom could go to his food mecca: D-Spot Wings in Oakdale, Minnesota.

Ok ok, I know this isn’t keto. It started off with the greatest intentions, I figured it’s a wing spot: Meat + look up the sauces ahead of time = good to go, right? Well, my plans got derailed when I received this text and burst out laughing: “If we’re going to D spot then I need to be granted a temporary keto reprieve.” Apparently, it’s a sin to go to D-Spot and not get the fries. So cheat meal time it is!


D-Spot Wings Oakdale Minnesota

Honey BBQ: A self explanatory classic

Goat’s Blood (not pictured): Red curry with goat cheese and basil

Tarantula: Soy sauce glaze with roasted garlic and chiles (it also has my name in it, so duh it’s recommended)

Loaded Fries: These were a feature on the menu with chili and onions. 

I had the Honey BBQ wings, and while I do know it’s not adventurous at all, I figured I’m already agreeing to eat chicken OFF THE BONE WITH MY HANDS (as proven by the photo), so that’s far enough outside of my comfort zone, thank you very much. I did try Tom’s favorite, the “Goat’s Blood,” which was intriguing but when it came to the Tarantula flavor you’ll just have to take his word for it that it’s good, because I was so full there was no way I was trying another bite.

D-Spot Fries and harissa aoli

D-spot Fries: Seasoned fries served with Harissa Aoli dipping sauce

This next part is hard for me. It’s hard for me, because there is never a time where I enjoy saying that Tom was right haha. When Tom ordered extra Harissa Aoli dipping sauce claiming that he KNEW I was going to fall in love with it and eat all of his, I rolled my eyes…He was absolutely right.

The fries have a cajun flavor to them, which were good and all, (although cajun tots will still always be better than fries) but the fry is really just the vessel for the aoli. Such a great flavor. They need to make some wings with that sauce. SO GOOD.



They have a tab list that features some local brews and also serve wine.


D Spot Wings Oakdale honey bbq

The service was pretty quick once you place your order and get your number. The person at the register was also super friendly AND they hand out free popcorn for those waiting. I don’t know that you can make the service much better than that!

They do also have online ordering available so you can get them ahead of time if you don’t want to dine in. It’s a pretty big place, which is great, because considering it’s in a strip mall in Oakdale I was a little worried about the size of the place. It had the some local vibe as the wing spot in Winona where everyone went on Wednesday for 10 cent wing night so it felt like home.

I went and checked out their Facebook page and it does look like they close early a lot so it’s probably worth checking out that they’re open on a day with any weather issues, but my absolute favorite is that they closed shop on 4/20…even better when you look at the names of some of their wings: stoner sanctuary haha

D-Spot Wings
7129 10th Street
North Oakdale, MN 55118
Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 10PM

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