Pazzaluna Urban Italian | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Pazzaluna Italian Restaurant Food

Every year my mom treats my sisters, grandma and myself to dinner and a play. This year we wanted to switch it up from our usual go-tos; the Orpheum and the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. I was excited to try out the Ordway for 2 reasons: 1. the seating actually allowed me to have leg room! This is a rare feat at 5’10. In fact last year two women behind me where talking rudely about me, because they couldn’t easily see around me…I’m sorry for existing? Pay for better seats next time? and 2. it meant we got to try a new restaurant!

I will readily admit that when my coworkers asked me what play we were going to I had absolutely no idea (still don’t exactly remember the name and while the singing was beautiful I hated the outdated message that a woman is going to fall in love with a man who doesn’t love her back and “sacrifice herself” for his happiness…), but by 11am that morning I already had two dishes picked out at Pazzaluna Urban Italian … priorities.

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