The Vegas Lounge | Northeast Minneapolis

The Vegas Lounge

Cheap drinks, awkward encounters, and karaoke. The Vegas Lounge is the unnofficial capital of Northeast nightlife.

The vibe of this place does a total 180 shift at approximately 9pm. During the day this is a local haunt of older patrons and seasoned day drinkers. At night you can watch the slow shift as the townies get sparser and relocate closer to the door preparing for their escape from the infiltration and eventual swarm of the NE hipster army.


northeast karaoke

The karaoke variety at Vegas is out of this world. Open 365 days a year this place is busy any night after 10pm. This place has seen it’s fair share of American Idols and American Idol rejects.

Tip: If you come in after 11pm don’t plan on singing. It can take anywhere from an hour or 2 to get your song in depending on when you put in your request and if you’ve already sung. The karaoke host, “Randy” (that’s not his name, but that’s what he’s been drunkenly dubbed by one of our crew), is pretty conscious about getting a variety of singers up there.


Drinks are cheap, but this is a cash only establishment (legit Dive Bar pre-req) so be sure to bring cash with you, otherwise you’ll be a victim of the $2.50 ATM fee.

And be  sure to get the Vegas Lounge Specialty- an Everclear soaked cherry. You can purchase two of Geri’s Cherries for $1.

Sherry's Cherries


Food is cheap, but definitely of the bar snack variety.


One word: Dawn. She’s the one with the cackle. Don’t worry, just like Waldo, she’s hiding in plain sight. You’ll find her.  She’s a little intense, but she can sure sing those throaty ballads and she’s a pretty badass server, as are the other bartenders, the bouncer, and the previously mentioned “Randy.”

Personal highlight was when “Randy,” impressed by my karaoke prowess, invited me to go on his “Karaoke Mystery Tour,” where, destination unknown, attendees commit to a weekend of karaoke in dive bars across the state with a group of people they don’t know…legit.

Don’t miss out on this gem.

Vegas Lounge
965 Old Central Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Open Daily 8am – 2pm

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