Matchbox Coffee Shop Northeast

matchbox coffee shop northeast

I’ve been eyeing Matchbox Coffee Shop for a couple weeks, but everytime I go past it in the morning I’m already 10 minutes behind schedule so there’s just no time to stop.

Located next to Dangerous Man Brewery (another place on my to-go list) this is an extremely tiny and long shop that almost seems like it was once an alley between two buildings, but added a roof.


This is a cash only establishment, so unfortunately, I had went against my gut and didn’t take cash out before, meaning I had to awkwardly walk out, go get cash, then return. Don’t mind me…

The barista was really friendly and the customers openly greeted me, bringing me to the environment…


Really chill. There’s a little patio set outside and there’s also a couple tables right when you enter. There’s also a cardboard sign through the back that says “Patio,” unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to go back there and check it out. They had a lot of flyers up for local activities and band shows. It’s definitely a small, locally owned, shop with a loyal clientele.


matchbox coffee

This is the first organic coffee shop I’ve been to as far as I know, so I was interested in if I would notice any differences, I can’t say that I did.

I ordered the Iced Cold Latte French Press with whole milk. I’ve never had one before, so I figured now was as good a time as any to try it out. It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it was drinkable.


According to their Facebook Page they do have lunch options; Be’Wiched Deli and May Day Cafe, but I was there solely for coffee.

Overall, it felt really good to be supporting a local business and I’d be willing to go back and try something new, but I probably wouldn’t order the same thing again.

Matchbox Coffee Shop Northeast
1306 2nd St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Monday-Friday: 7AM – 7PM
Saturday: 8AM – 7PM
Sunday: 8AM – 6PM

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