Where Do Hipsters Buy Their Glasses?

coastal glasses

Hipster frames are pretty standard for the glasses wearing population of Northeast Minneapolis and ever since finally succumbing to the realization that I can’t drive without wearing them (thank you state of Minnesota), I’ve acquired what I can lovingly call a glasses fetish.

So to change it up a little I thought I’d do a blog review of the three online stores I’ve bought my glasses from: Warby Parker, Coastal, and Zenni Optical.

Warby Parker:

warby parker


  • You can pick 5 different frames to have sent to you at no additional charge for a week to try on
  • For every pair bought a pair is donated to a 3rd world country
  • Standard frames and lenses are $95
  • Free shipping
  • They come with a pretty quality glasses case


  • My Warbys don’t stay on my nose that well and are a little tight, which gives me headaches. While this could be my fault for ordering them too small, I’ve also had friends complain about how they don’t grip to the nose very well
  • The other two brands include free lens cleaner cloths with purchase and Warby Parker does not




  • Derek Cardigan. I am in love with his brand. The punctuation marks on the sides of the frames are adorable, they fit perfectly on my face and stay in place perfectly
  • Free Shipping and good deals: 2/99$
  • 365 day return policy
  • Every pair comes with a really convenient lens cleaner and tightener pack

lens cleaner


  • They used to offer the “firstpairfree,” but stopped doing that
  • You’re not donating to a third world country
  • The glasses cases aren’t the most durable

Zenni Optical:

zenni optical


  • Glasses are dirt cheap so you don’t feel bad ordering a fun pair you may not wear that often
  • There are cheap prescription sunglass options as well, which is pretty unheard of
  • They have a printable pupil distance ruler to make it easier for you to determine your PD number
  • They have a variety of materials and styles available and you can upload your photo to the site to see what they’d look like on your face
  • They come with fun patterned lens cleaning cloths


  • The cheapest glasses are plastic frames so it’s possible they are a little more fragile. I haven’t, personally, had an issue.
  • They take a couple weeks to ship. My first pair took a month to get to me.
  • If you return them you only get 50% refunded, or 100% store credit
  • You’re not donating to a third world country.

My personal recommendation is Coastal. They may not be Ray-Bans which are clearly the Hipster Frame mecca, but they’re adorable, cheaper, and very durable.

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