Don Oishi Food Truck | Northeast Minneapolis

Don Oishi Kitchen Food Truck Potstickers and Beef Stir Fry

We tried out the Don Oishi Kitchen Food Truck at Tattersall Distilling in Northeast Minneapolis.

The real hero is the person who initiated the first Brewery/Distillery and Food Truck partnership, because that person created the blueprint for socially acceptable drunk snacking.
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Hai Hai | Northeast Minneapolis

Hai Hai NE Minneapolis Cocktails

Once upon a time, on the corner of University and 22nd Ave NE, there was a magical place called the Deuce Deuce/Double Deuce/the 22nd Avenue Gentleman’s Club.

26 Year old Tara first heard of this place when she worked at a Minneapolis Liquor Distributor and was surrounded by middle aged salesmen who made questionably sketchy comments about how they liked to end their Friday night sales calls “at their home office there.” However, Tara was never to satisfy her curiosity of the place that inspired yelp user Jorge to leave a permanent review for, stating that “the only thing harder than my dick, was having to leave the place,” because it closed. #RIP

Speeding ahead, the only thing more upsetting than not getting to experience going there was living so close to this building and having to pass the graffiti’d eyesore everyday.

When Tara first heard it was to be bought by the people who owned Hola Arepa, she was beyond excited and even MORE excited to realize they had such a great sense of humor when they named their new Southeast Asian street food restaurant & bar, “Hai Hai” which means “22” in Vietnamese. A tongue in cheek homage to the building’s roots. Continue reading

PinKU Japanese Street Food | Northeast Minneapolis


PinKU Japanese Street FoodSandwiched between Keegan’s and JL Beers, PinKU Japanese Street Food is a must try.

Having recently moved back to Northeast Minneapolis after 6 months of pretending we could be happy in the suburbs, I was beyond excited to get back to trying new Minneapolis restaurants and the non-chain restaurant life. Being a novice sushi eater, and completely averse to shrimp, thanks to once being told that shrimp were 1 chromosome away from a cockroach (you’re welcome for that, too), I was minorly hesitant when my boyfriend suggested we try PinKU. It proved to be completely unwarranted. Continue reading

Tony Jaros Rivergarden | Northeast Minneapolis

Tony Jaros Rivergarden

Much like Dusty’s Bar, Tony Jaros Rivergarden is an unapologetic dive. Where these two are different, is that Tony Jaros is a favorite destination of the sports attending crowd, softball teams, and even some of the trendier downtown Minneapolis crowd. Continue reading

Dusty’s Bar | Northeast Minneapolis

Dusty's Bar Northeast

Throw a penny anywhere in Northeast and you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit a dive bar, but it’s the places like Dusty’s Bar that are so authentically divey, so completely uninterested in trying to fit into the increasingly “Hipster” northeast scene, that they’re actually defiantly the original Hipster (Exhibit A: their cash register). Continue reading

Bauhaus Brew Labs | Northeast Minneapolis

Bauhaus Brew Labs

After months of talking about it, I finally made it to Bauhaus Brew Labs as part of a combination Birthday celebration/Welcome Home adventure with some of my favorite people.



mn craft beer

They have a really cool space. It’s an open warehouse layout and reminds me a little of Sociable Cider Werks, but they have a much larger floor plan. They also took a different approach with the cafeteria style table set up.

With such an open space and high ceilings there is minimal chance of claustrophobia and if by some chance you actually do manage to feel claustrophobic, they also have a pretty great patio area in the back complete with these adorable lights.

BONUS: It was an extremely humid night, so having the patio doors open provided a much needed breeze.

Oh, they also had a guy up on their stage playing vinyl records all night. Apparently Friday is Vinyl night. What’s not to love about that?

brewery vinyl records


Bauhaus Menu

As a group we ordered a variety so I was able to try a few of the Bauhaus beers out, but since we didn’t get there until a little after 10pm, I was only able to order one drink of my own; the Wonderstuff.

The Wonderstuff, “Neu Bohemian Pilsner,” is their “citrusy blend” option. It was pretty light and definitely what I needed at that point. I also really liked the Wagon Party, which is a “West Coast Style Lager.”

If you’re the mood to read some entertaining beer descriptions, I highly suggest visiting their website.


Overall the beer was refreshing and the atmosphere was perfect for a pre-rager Friday night. I would also like to say they have my favorite brewery logo, although reading the font gives me a headache on their website haha.


It should also be noted that you have to go underneath a warehouse awning to the point where you’ll almost feel like you’re entering a parking garage to actually get to Bauhaus Brew Labs, but once you go through it opens up into a large parking lot so parking isn’t a huge problem.

Four stars.

Bauhaus Brew Labs
1315 Tyler Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Wednesday-Thursday: 4PM – 11PM
Friday: 3PM – 11PM
Saturday: 12PM – 11PM

Bite Squad

Bite Squad

Allow me to introduce you to Bite Squad! If you live in the cities and love trying new food from the comfort of your own home, you should know about this service.

Gone are the days of delivery only being Chinese or pizza (and I don’t just mean Burger King), now you can have food delivered from basically any restaurant who offers take-out as long as you live in the one of the following cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami, or Austin.

*Fun Fact: Minneapolis is the OG of Bite Squad

If you live in NE Minneapolis HERE IS A LIST of all the restaurants that Bite Squad will pick up from. Continue reading

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room | Minneapolis

Stanley's Northeast

Places like Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room are what I love about Northeast. A local pub with a fun vibe, weekly events, and great menu.

We happened to go on a Monday night and arrived right as Get A Clu Trivia was starting.


Lisa, Nellie, and I decided to take Team “Stillwater Runs Deep,” 3 members strong, out of retirement. We started off phenomenally, pulling answers out of our ass that somehow managed to be correct and we were feeling pretty good about representing the team name. Unfortunately, things quickly went south and we somehow scraped by a mere 10 points shy of having the worst score of the night…we probably should have stayed retired. Just call it the Brett Favre complex. Continue reading

Gorkha Palace – Round 2

gorkha palace

Gorkha Palace is by far my favorite restaurant in Northeast and I’ve already done a full review on the place, which you can read HERE. But, because I am so loyal to my readers (and to my sister), when she wanted to go get dinner I figured I should go back and try something else 😉 Continue reading