Dangerous Man Brewing Co. | Northeast Minneapolis

Dangerous Man Northeast

Dangerous Man Brewing Co has been at the top of my brewery list for a while, because I’ve been hearing such amazing things. I’m pleased to report that it lived up to the hipster hype.


NE Craft Beers

We went to Dangerous Man for girls night and between us had the Oktoberfest, Chocolate Milk Stout, and Kolsch. Nowhere near the whole selection, but it was a good start!

Northeast Brewery

I really enjoyed the Chocolate Milk Stout and the Oktoberfest. I wasn’t a fan of the Kolsch, though. The Kolsch just tastes a little bland and watery. My friend, however, did like it. So if you’re someone who has experience drinking Kolsch’s and likes them, by all means, go for it.

Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout:

Chocolate Milk Stout

The whole point of Hipster Hack is to push myself into trying things that are new and I’m unsure about, so when I saw “Chocolate Milk Stout” on the menu and my initial reaction was to recoil, I realized I had made my decision.

The first few sips were straight froth, so it, initially, felt like I was eating the beer which made me, justifiably, a little apprehensive. However, I did push through and about 3 sips in I was rewarded with the most amazing hint of chocolate milk. My only thought is that if I were Santa and this was put out for me with a plate of cookies, I’d probably just leave my entire sack of presents under that tree.

According to Dangerous Man’s WordPress, which appears to be their pre-website website:

“This Christmas beast abides with 12% ABV and 65 IBU’s with huge notes of chocolate brownies. Viscous, oil-pitch black, with a tropical tanned head, the Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout is a slow sipper helping to while away these chilly Minnesota nights.”

I totally agree. The Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout was without a doubt my favorite brewery beer to date.

Oktoberfest Marzen:

Oktoberfest Dangerous Man

My friend, Lauren, ordered the Oktoberfest Marzen and was delightful enough to let me try it. Obviously, it is October and I did just go to an Oktoberfest party at Gastof’s, so at this point I’ve had quite a few different versions of this varietal. I’d have to say that this was my favorite “Oktoberfest” so far. I say “so far,” only because there’s still a couple weeks of October left and you never know what it’ll bring!

There’s a very interesting history on Oktoberfest Marzen listed on their website. Definitely worth the read.


Dangerous Man doesn’t sell food, but they do allow you to bring in food of your own.


Dangerous Man Brewing Growlers

The bartenders (or beertenders?) were really friendly and attentive. We were sitting at the bar so we were privileged with bar service instead of waiting in the “order here” line. Bonus!

The tap room is also where you buy growlers, which come in a variety of sizes.


Dangerous Man Brewing Co

The inside of the building is great; huge open ceilings and rustic, wood decor which goes well with the bearded logo. Their website goes more into detail about “the details,” so if you want to know all the who, whats, and whens, that’s your best bet.

What I like about this taproom is that there is a lot of seating and some fun little table nooks. There’s even a board game cabinet! Unfortunately, there isn’t much in terms of standing room. We went on a Thursday night and between 9 and 9:30 pm it got pretty packed and even a smidgeon claustrophobic.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and am excited to go back. I foresee a growler of Chocolate Milk Stout in my future…

Dangerous Man Brewing Co.
1300 2nd St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Tuesday – Thursday: 4PM – 10PM
Friday: 3PM – Midnight
Saturday: Noon – Midnight

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