Sentyrz Ethnic Market | Northeast Minneapolis

sentyrz ethnic market

Sentyrz Ethnic Market has been part of “Nordeast” since 1923. One of the cool things about Northeast is the variety of small markets. Having Sentryz within walking distance from my apartment has saved me quite a few times when I’ve needed a last minute ingredient.


They have a pretty decent selection for how small the store is. You can easily get the essentials and some junk food.

Negative: don’t have a very big gluten free selection

Positive: The small cooler area dedicated to Annie’s Organic and Nut Thins

The meat counter is also pretty rave-worthy. The meat is cut, smoked, and packaged in house, and they make their own sausage recipes with natural casings.

Their beef jerky is also delicious.


Because they’ve been around so long, Sentryz was Grandfathered in to the grocery liquor laws, which means that they’re able to sell alcohol. This is another huge bonus for them being just around the corner!

They do, however, have to follow the Sunday liquor sale law, so if you go on Sunday don’t expect to leave with any alcohol in hand.


This is definitely a locally owned spot. The cashiers know the customers by name and are extremely friendly.

I also enjoy that you can pick up a copy of the CityPages there. I have an meter for whether somewhere in Northeast is a legit Hipster approved stopped based upon if they carry one of the local newspapers (CityPages or or not.

Sentryz Market
1612 2nd Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 8PM
Friday – Saturday: 8AM – 10PM
Sunday: 9AM – 6PM (No alcohol)

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