Open Streets MPLS

Open Streets MPLS

Open Streets MPLS announced their 2015 schedule and although I know it’s extremely early, especially since we just got dumped on with a random snow storm, I need reminders like this to realize that spring, is in fact, here.

Open Streets MPLS is the brainchild of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and was organized with the intent of allowing the people of Minneapolis to experience their city on non-motorized wheels.

If you don’t have a bike this would be a great time to check out the Nice Ride MN program, or participate the old fashioned way; on foot.

The cool part about these events is that they partner with local business and organizations to put on shows, music, and free events like yoga workshops. You can check out their website to see past events as they haven’t updated it for this year yet, like I said, I’m a little over eager at the moment, but be sure to bookmark that page as they’ll be updating it as stuff is announced.

Another way to keep track of their announcements would be to follow the on Twitter:

Open Streets MplsIf you don’t like outdoor festivals that happen for seemingly no reason other than we get so little sun that we try to soak up as much of it as possible while it’s here, than I don’t think you’re a true Minnesotan. And I probably don’t want to know you.

Coming soon: Art-A-Whirl!

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