Bite Squad

Bite Squad

Allow me to introduce you to Bite Squad! If you live in the cities and love trying new food from the comfort of your own home, you should know about this service.

Gone are the days of delivery only being Chinese or pizza (and I don’t just mean Burger King), now you can have food delivered from basically any restaurant who offers take-out as long as you live in the one of the following cities: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami, or Austin.

*Fun Fact: Minneapolis is the OG of Bite Squad

If you live in NE Minneapolis HERE IS A LIST of all the restaurants that Bite Squad will pick up from.

How Does Bite Squad Work?

Bite Squad Instructions

1. Enter address to find restaurant available in your area

2. Order your food/Pay for it through Bite Squad

3. Stare at the real-time delivery tracker while mentally willing it to go faster.

What I love most is that there is no minimum order total. Being single, my least favorite part about ordering Chinese, for example, is that I have to order 3 days worth of food just to meet the $12 minimum delivery requirement!

On every restaurant they have photos as well as reviews and lists of the most popular items, making trying a new place a lot less intimidating. (Check back next week for my review on El Taco Riendo).


Delivery charge fees depend on the distance from the place you are ordering to your home, which is why I suggest using this service only in the city area. We used it once in Edina, but the restaurant selection is a lot smaller and the delivery charge was $15 instead of the $5. So, if your order is large enough and there are enough of you, it could still be worth it. *The delivery fee can be located under the restaurant listing.

The tracker is up to date and will notify you of any delays, so it is sort of addicting to watch. Once they are arriving with your order you will also receive an automated text, so if you’re busy doing something else you don’ t need to be glued to your screen.

In addition to having food delivered, you can also use their website as a middle man for catering or pick up orders. They will even deliver alcohol from Surdyk’s Liquor ($10 delivery fee), which is beyond amazing (or a horrible life decision?) for those inebriated nights.

Bite Squad Website
Open 11am – 11pm

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