Saint Paul Farmers Market – Downtown

Saint Paul Farmers Market

The great part about the Saint Paul Farmers Market is that it’s open on Sundays. While I love the Northeast Farmers Market summer Saturdays in Minnesota are jam packed while Sundays are generally more free. Not to mention the farmers market is the perfect “productive” hungover activity; food, music, and you can say you’re doing something outdoors. Or in our case it was the perfect reason to meet up for brunch!

Lauren & Jackie On A Mission

Lauren & Jackie On A Mission

Farmers Markets are great for a variety of reasons; price, freshness, and you’re supporting the local farmers. I love buying vegetables here, because you get so many at such a great rate. It’s almost impossible for me to get through all of it before it starts to go bad!

saint paul farmers market

There are also some meat areas (which seemed a little risky to me, unless you were planning on leaving right away).

farmers market

And of course, being the Midwest there had to be a cheese curds station. My favorite was seeing that they sell milk in glass bottles. Total throwback.

FullSizeRender (1) copy

While it was Father’s Day, I did abstained from buying any of the gorgeous flowers, because my dad, like myself, doesn’t exactly possess a green thumb.


There was also live music and some craft stations as well.


The Saint Paul Farmer’s Market is located on the corner of Wall & 5th Street. Literally right next to the new Saints Stadium. While the location is great for walking as it’s only a couple blocks from Mears Park it is not great for Parking.

There was a lot right next to the market that was charging $20, which is ridiculous considering street parking in St. Paul is not metered on Sundays. If you’re ok with a 5 minute walk I would suggest parking on the other side of Mears Park. There’s a nice little parking strip on the corner of Sibley and 5th that I like to park in, because there is usually a spot and you don’t have to worry about your parallel skills. Bonus.

Other Travel Options:

A couple other travel options are of course the Greenline Light Rail and Bus. You can get a Free Metro Transit Pass that’s valid from 5am-2pm on the day of the Saint Paul Farmers Market on their website HERE.

Overall, if you’re looking for something interesting to do on a Sunday morning, this is your place.

Saint Paul Farmers Market – Downtown
Saturdays 6:00AM – 1PM
Sundays 8AM – 1PM

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