Marino’s Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

Marino's Deli Northeast

Yes, that is snow on the ground in this picture. This is clearly a post that’s been a long time coming! After trying Marina Grill & Deli I was quite curious about this Marino’s Deli that I kept driving by on my numerous trips down Johnson to Target…#GirlProblems. It quickly became clear that these two Northeast gems have nothing in common other than their longstanding Northeast Minneapolis traditions and a couple standard deli menu items.


I’m a sucker for gyros and was excited to try theirs. I have to give it a resounding 4 stars. It was delicious and fresh and didn’t try to be something it wasn’t.

Boyfriend had the Rueben Hoagie, which he gives a resounding 4 stars, and he also had the soup of the day, which he was excited to hear was Potato Soup. I snuck a bite and it was exactly as you’d hope; hearty and flavorful.


It was clearly a family owned business. We happened to come in about 20 minutes before they closed and when we offered to get it to go so that they could close in time, they insisted we stay put and that they’d be there a little later to clean up anyway. Definitely a refreshing change and the kind of service you’d expect from a Northeast establishment.



A mixture of old malt shop flare with the black and white tile and dinette sets, and family restaurant with all the knick knacks, it wasn’t as tidy and clean as a lot of the places I have been, but it definitely had character.

Marino’s Deli
Johnson St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Monday – Saturday: 11AM – 8PM

2 thoughts on “Marino’s Deli | Northeast Minneapolis

  1. Andrew B

    Great review! Ralph and the gang at Marino’s are awesome. We catered our wedding through them and they did an outstanding job. Try a Sub-marino next time you stop in.


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