Carma Coffee | Northeast Minneapolis

Carma Coffee

Carma Coffee located off Lowry Ave. in Northeast is most likely recognizable as having a very similar name to the business next to them, Good Carma Auto Repair, who has been their partner since they opened in 2014.

After years of forgetting Carma Coffee existed until I was driving by, a hankering for a new Sunday coffee stop and a mention from a fellow Northeast dweller, finally made Carma Coffee top of mind. A decision I’m delighted with.


Carma Coffee NE Minneapolis

They had a good selection of hot and cold coffee options as well as tea, smoothies. There were also a couple people in line who were buying bulk coffee for a local event, which to me is more or less a wordless recommendation to their coffee.

As always I enjoyed my Iced Vanilla Latte. Not too strong and not too much flavor!


Carma Coffee Minneapolis Breakfast


In addition to standard pastries and cookies, they also have a selection of made to order salads and both breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

I decided it was a little late in the morning for eggs so I ordered the Brie with Pesto and Spinach sandwich. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my favorite as it had too much spinach and their particular pesto wasn’t my favorite, but my boyfriend had one of their made-to-order organic egg sandwiches on an english muffin and had nothing but rave reviews.


Coffee Northeast Minneapolis

What impressed me most was when a customer came in and asked for a Carmel Macchiato coffee and the barista wanted to clarify if they wanted it the classic way or the Starbucks way. She was being completely unpatronizing and the customer was surprised to hear that there was a difference, as I was. This struck me, because it showed that they took pride in serving their customers exactly what they want.

*If you’re interested you can read about the differences HERE.


NE Minneapolis Coffee

While the exterior of Carma Coffee gives off a diner vibe, the inside has a variety of tables, bar seating by the window, and cute seating nooks with fun car accessories and memorabilia, fitting to their partnership with Good Carma Auto.

Carma Coffee
520 Lowry Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Spring Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7AM – 7PM
Saturday: 8AM – 7PM
Sunday: 8AM – 5PM

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