Maya Cuisine | Northeast Minneapolis

Maya Cuisine Northeast Minneapolis

Hidden among the many multi-cultural gems of Central Avenue lies the holy grail of Mexican food; Maya Cuisine.

Both a bar and a fast service eatery, Maya Cuisine offers a variety of tacos, tostados, tortas, and combinations.


Because it’s too hard to pick just one, I’m a fan of the plate options. Specifically the Maya Plate, which offers up a 3 piece combination of tacos, tostados, or tamales. 10 combinations of heavenly deliciousness.

Maya Salsa BarYou can choose 3 spice levels of chicken, pork, or beef. and their restaurant comes equip with a salsa bar.

They really do have it all there, no matter if you’re a regular or a first timer, their wide menu truly does offer something for everyone.

View The Full Menu


Besides the full bar service the front service does also offer a limited beer selection, which is always a welcome addition to any meal.


Northeast Food

The line was out the door when we got there, which is truly amazing when you take into account that the entire street in front of them is under construction and parking is a nightmare. That’s real loyalty.

The staff was friendly and remained efficient and nonplussed even with the long line. Even taking the time to explain to a few people unfamiliar with the Spanish names of ingredients, what they offered.


Maya Tequila Bar

To be fair I’ve never been in the back bar and Maya has traditionally been a hangover remedy, but the place has a delightfully vivid color palette and lots of fun decorations to look at. There is also a variety of seating; booths, tables, and even a rail by the front window. So I’d give the atmosphere 4 stars.

Basically, if it wasn’t made extremely clear by my glowing adjectives, Maya Cuisine is a Northeast Minneapolis must try.

Maya Cuisine – Front Service
1840 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 9PM
Friday – Saturday: 9AM – 9PM
Sunday: 9AM – 9PM

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