Twin Spirits Distillery Round 2 | Northeast Minneapolis

Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast

I shared my first Hipster Hack last August for Twin Spirits Distillery, but a couple weekends ago we went again and I 1. tried some new drinks and 2. was able to experience the adorable outdoor seating, which is worth it’s own hack!


Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast The Dudette

The Dudette: M Vodka, cold press coffee, cream, simple syrup, and luxardo cherry

The Dudette tasted amazing and prior to drinking it I was definitely buzzed (oops) so added bonus is that it cleared my head up and put me right back in the game!

Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast Drink Menu

We also tried the Lav Honey B and the Nordeast – both recommended.


Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast

I’m obsessed that they offer a couple snack options. Who doesn’t love a meat & cheese tray?!


Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast Little Library

The best part about sitting in the little lawn area in the front was discovering that they have a little library full of art supplies. We spent some time going through the books laughing at things other people had done until inspiration hit and I decided to write my own slam poetry to a captivated audience…
Our server was absolutely fantastic and we had a really great time. Definitely recommend you get out there during the two months it’s actually warm enough in Minnesota to drink cocktails outside!

Twin Spirits Distillery
2931 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cocktail Room Hours:
Wednesdays: 4PM – 10PM
Thursday: 4PM – 11PM
Fridays: 4PM – MIDNIGHT
Saturdays: 3PM – MIDNIGHT

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