Twin Spirits Distillery | Northeast Minneapolis

Twin Spirits Distillery

Twin Spirits Distillery was a cute place I had never heard about before friends suggested it during our Northeast alcohol crawl celebrating my Birthday. At first I was a little concerned as we went what felt like the wrong way down Central Avenue to get to it, but the moment we arrived and I saw the cute outdoor space I was in love.


Twin Spirits Distillery Northeast Minneapolis

If you’re wondering if that’s a tiny little clothespin holding my rosemary onto my glass, you are correct. #Swoon

Naturally I had one of their M Rum drinks. I could not tell you the name of it now, and unfortunately their website doesn’t have their cocktail room menu, but I do remember it tasting delicious and being extremely strong.

M Rum is: “a spirit rooted in tradition, using only 100% domestic golden molasses.  Always distilled in small batches, its deep caramel flavors enhance any cocktail.”


Twin Spirits Distillery Female Owned

The service was a little slow, but they did have a wedding that had half of the place booked, so I wouldn’t hold that against them at all.
Obsessed with their story as well:
“Distilled by women at Minnesota’s first one-woman owned distillery, located in historic Northeast Minneapolis. Twin Spirits embraces the duality of all life, and affirms all people.
Our dedication to the grain-to-glass approach is evident in the unique taste of our spirits. We are careful about our spirit cuts to create the cleanest flavors in every bottle.”


Twin Spirits Distillery NE Mpls

It was a smaller space, but I would definitely love to go back for a tour and would love to ride my bike down there to sip cocktails on their patio space. Such a cute place in an area of Northeast you wouldn’t expect!

They also have these really fun metal straws, so if you’re part of the straw strike right now, you can still enjoy using one here!

Twin Spirits Distillery
2931 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Cocktail Room Hours:
Wednesdays: 4PM – 10PM
Thursday: 4PM – 11PM
Fridays: 4PM – MIDNIGHT
Saturdays: 3PM – MIDNIGHT

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