Cold Front Ice Cream | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Cold Front Ice Cream Saint Paul Minnesota

We discovered Cold Front Ice Cream while visiting their next door neighbor, The Nook.

I was in love with them the moment I read their savage sign out front and knew it wouldn’t matter how full we were after dinner, because we were definitely going in there to support this locally owned establishment.

Ice Cream:

Cold Front Ice Cream Cone Saint Paul Minnesota

One Scoop: Salted Caramel

I do not remember the name of the ice cream I picked (sorry!) and they don’t list them on their online menu as far as I can see. I know it was a salted caramel one and it was delicious. I also love that this was their version of one scoop aka GINORMOUS. Having grown up with Nelson’s Ice Cream (the OG location in Stillwater) I appreciated the quantity of ice cream for the price. Unlike the new Nelson’s in St. Paul, I also appreciated that Cold Front has caught onto the times and allows you to pay with a card.

Cold Front Ice Cream Parlour

They also have a variety of coffees, sundaes, and ice cream drinks…yummmmmmmm
Cold Front Ice Cream Menu


Cold Front Sign Saint Paul

This was the sign that cemented my loyalty. It could not be more true and could not be more hilariously fitting in the neighborhood it’s located in.
Cold Front Ice Cream Names
Their ice cream names were also pretty clever. I loved their “Exhausted Parent” made with bourbon spiked espresso ice cream haha.
Ice Cream Saint Paul
Service was quick and they have a cute little outdoor patio as well as ample seating inside. Eating dessert here was a happy accident that I’d gladly repeat. Also, despite Tom’s attempt at avoiding being in the photo, I guarantee that he left happy, too 🙂

Cold Front Ice Cream
490 Hamline Ave. S.
Saint Paul, MN 55116
Monday – Thursday: 7AM – 9PM
Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 10PM

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