Minnesota State Fair 2019 | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota State Fair 2019 Cheese On A Stick

I went into the Minnesota State Fair with an ambitious list of new foods and drafted my line-up of three other people willing to help; Noelle, Lisa & Tom…as you probably already guessed, we did not make it all the way through the list haha. The hard part about new fair foods is that it doesn’t take into account all of your Minnesota State Fair food staples OR the copious amount of beer you’re going to be drinking.

I think we made a valiant effort and secretly am thankful of the rain that swept in around 5pm so that we had a legitimate reason to leave with our mission incomplete.

6 hours. 11 foods. 6-ish beers. Minnesota State Fair ✓

New Foods:

Deep Fried Dilly Dog Swine and Spuds

Swine & Spuds: Deep Fried Dilly Dog

Eating a hallowed out pickle with a brat inside was a little uncomfortable for some reason, but I love pickles and this new take on a classic corndog was everything I needed in my life. This was by far my favorite new fair food this year.

Nashville Hot Chicken On-A-Stick

Ultra-crispy fried chicken with sweet-heat butter glaze. This had a bit of a kick to it, but was not what I’d consider Nashville hot. Still good, but a patron walking by as we were discussing it said it best – “It’s more like “Minnesota Hot.” My wife is from here and thinks even ketchup is too hot.” hahaha

Sota Sandwich Minnesota State Fair

Brim Grilled Sota Sandwich

Made with Cinnamon nut butter, Minnesota blueberry marmalade and Irish soda bread. This sandwich is gluten free and dairy free. It was on Lisa’s list and the first food item we got at the fair. I’ve never had a grilled PB & J, but I liked their take on it!

OGaras Irish Whiskey Boneless Wings

O’Gara’s Irish Whiskey Boneless Wings

O’Gara’s is without fail always a new food I want in my mouth. These white chicken boneless wings (or as Tom calls them “chicken nuggets”) are deep fried and tossed in Irish whiskey BBQ sauce. Definitely delicious. A little spicy for me, but I’m a spice baby (please see above for “Minnesota Hot” definition). I was told by everyone else that they had minimal kick haha.

Pork Belly On A Stick

Swine & Spuds: Pork Belly On-A-Stick

Bacon wrapped pork belly in three varieties served with fries. Ok, this food was not “new” this year, but it was definitely new to us. Tom was off buying us beers while we were waiting in line for the Swine & Spuds Deep Fried Dilly Dog (see above) so I was SO excited to be able to surprise him with a new food I knew he would love. Pork Belly, while too fatty for me, is his absolute favorite thing. He gives this 5 stars and claims it was the best thing he had all day. Girlfriend win!

Crab Fritters

Ollie’s Crab Fritters

Here is another “new to me” food that I tried this year (thanks for sharing, Noelle). I was worried I wouldn’t like it since I’m not a huge fan of crab cakes, but the crab wasn’t as pronounced. Glad I tried it out and it was pretty good, but it likely won’t be a staple for me.


Fair Food Essentials:


This is the best food in the entire world. This year I only managed to get one due to our State Fairgrounds route and I’m physically upset about it.

*Mom – Christmas List Item: cheese on a stick maker

Cheese Curds Minnesota State Fair

Kropp’s Titletown Cheese Curds

I will likely never get over that the best cheese curds at the Minnesota State Fair are made from Wisconsin cheese haha, but these are the literal best ones. Not Mouse Trap. Not the Cheese Curd stand that has been closed down, these ones.

Not Pictured Foods:

Chicago Dog from Chicago Dogs: I stole a bite of Tom’s and it was delicious, but I’m glad I didn’t get my own.

Deep Fried Candy Bar: Noelle was on her own on this one…not my thing, but I felt it was important for other Minnesota State Fair enthusiasts to know that we did not forget one of the ultimate fair foods!

Sweet Martha’s Chocolate Chip Cookies: We were all more than willing to help eat them so Noelle could get the top closed. #Teamwork


Blue Barn Frose

Blue Barn Frosé

Not new this year, but this was leftover from Lisa’s list last year. Refreshing and fruity, but not too fruity. A fan!

Agriculture Barn Beer

Brewed In Minnesota : Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild

This is a super fun way to try out new Minnesota brews every year. Normally I’m all about the “Dark & Roasty,” but this year I went for the “Crisp & Clean”

Summit On A Stick

Summit On-A-Stick

I’m a sucker for anything “on-a-stick,” so I was excited to try out the Minne-Sotan IPA, the Classic Oktoberfest, and the third beer I just don’t recall. #SorryNotSorry

Cowbell Cream Ale

Cowbell Cream Ale

When I asked if this was a good beer to try, the beer-tender assured me that it was her favorite and is her habitual pick as a post-shift beer. It was definitely smooth and I was a fan.

Liftbridge Mango Ale

Lift Bridge Mango Ale

My last beer of the day (NOT Tom’s last, although it should have been clearly haha). I liked the Mango of this one. It wasn’t too fruity, but pronounced enough to taste it!


Loved the photo ops near the entrance! Nothing says “Welcome To Minnesota” like Paul and Babe!

Great Minnesota Get Together

This place is literally the “Great Minnesota Get Together.” Without fail you always run into people you know. This time we actually ran into Tom’s brother and sister-in-law haha.

Deep Fried Pickles

Fair photo-opps are an absolute MUST. Lisa and I have been going strong for 5 years. TRADITION!

Minnesota State Fair

Overall I think this pic sums it all up – friendship, food, drinks, and fair merch (KFAN).

We did miss out on the San Felipe Carnitas Taco Cone, because the line was around the corner, and we didn’t make it to Giggles to try out the Dill beer or the Duck Wings, but the real bummer for me was that when we went to see the baby goats the barn was closed for some reason. Overall, a great day with great people, though!


Horse Show Minnesota State Fair

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there to cheer her on because of work, but my niece placed third in her horse show at the Minnesota State Fair in her first year of riding and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Love you, Rory! (Photo credit to my sister)

Minnesota State Fair
August 22nd – September 2nd


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  1. Mike Mcguinness

    Nice State Fair Food review!
    Please share with the East Metro Foodies because they can’t get enough Food reviews right now but alas all good things must end😉


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