White Pine Berry Farm | River Falls Wisconsin

White Pine Berry Farms

Fall has so many activities; apple picking, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes! White Pine Berry Farms Fall Family Days are the perfect family fall activity. They have a bouncy house, animals to feed and pet, a free hay ride, pumpkins, raspberry picking AND a corn maze!

Unfortunately, when I went with my sister and her family  it was opening weekend we weren’t able to check out the corn maze, because it was way too muddy, but we did get to check out all the other fun fall activities! Literally the best part about fall is that no one bats an eye when I ask to tag along to their family activities haha.

Raspberry Picking:

White Berry Pine Farms Raspberry Picking

The offer a free hayride that brings you along to the Raspberry patch. You can jump off and taste them for free or for $10 you can fill a container to bring home!

Raspberry Picking Fall Fun Hudson Wisconsin

This was a fun activity to do with the kids until Keegan got bored and started pelting me with berries hahahaha


Hudson Wisconsin Goats

They do have a little pen area where you can buy food to feed goats. I am quite literally the happiest person alive in this photo and if I could feed and or pet goats every day that would still not be enough.

White Berry Pine Farms Cow

The cows were a little shy, but we did get them to eat some of the hay out of our hands.


White Pine Berry Farm

I never turn down a face in a hole. Never. I love that my family and friends are always game, too.

Pumpkins White Pine Berry Farm Hudson

There are a few pumpkins and gourds also available for purchase, which was fun to pick out some for future pumpkin carving! Did I mention I love fall?

Bouncy House Hudson

The great part about White Pine Berry Farm is that they also have some free kid activities like the bouncy house with a slide and a sandbox full of corn. The perfect ways for parents to keep their kids entertained.

Corn Box Hudson

Naturally, my sister and I took turns posing in front of the sunflowers for Instagram…if there are sunflowers and you don’t take a picture of them, are you even really a social media user?!

White Pine Berry Farms Sunflowers

The Maze:

Like I said, we weren’t able to do the corn maze, but this year Agave Kitchen actually sponsored it, so get over there and find your way through the bull!

White Pine Berry Farm – Fall Family Days
1482 Oak Drive
River Falls, WI 54022

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