Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar Dog Menu | Minneapolis

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar Dog Friendly

My sister texted me out of the blue to let me know that she saw that there are some places in Minneapolis with dog specific menus and that she was willing to let me rent my dog niece to take her for some bonding hahahaha. Fast forward a month later (because trying to find free time in summer is impossible) and we had the perfect girls day with my sister and both of my nieces haha.

I’ve already gushed about The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar previously so you can head over there if you’d rather read about the “people food.”

Dog Friendly Menu:

Dog Friendly Menu The Howe

The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar is actually part of a restaurant family that includes Stanley’s Bar in Northeast Minneapolis. We considered going to both locations to try out the dog friendly menu, but in the end we chose The Howe, because Ashley was coming all the way from New Richmond, Wisconsin and it was a little more convenient to get to.

Dog Friendly pawtio The Howe Minneapolis

Rory was in charge of picking out what she wanted her “Sister” to eat. She ordered them both burgers hahahahhaha.

The Howe Daily Kitchen and Bar Dog Menu

You’re not a good mom unless you blow on the food to cool it off for your daughters…..

The Howe Dog Dessert Minneapolis

….and buy them dessert of course!


The Howe Dog Friendly Patio

I loved having my sister and my niece(s) over on my end of town and it was the perfect girls lunch!

Dog Friendly Patio Minneapolis

Can’t you tell by both of their smiling faces? hahahahahaha

The service was amazing. Super attentive and friendly (no surprise there), but it was also fun to see all the other dog owners out and about with their furry children, too!

The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar
3675 Minnehaha Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 2AM
Friday – Sunday 9AM – 2AM

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