Have Ya Herd Corn Maze | Hudson Wisconsin

Have Ya Herd Goats

For YEARS I have wanted to do a corn maze. It was a dream come true when boyfriend said he wanted to do a fall date day and that I could pick the activity! Knowing his love for puzzles, the Have Ya Herd Corn Maze was the perfect marriage of goats and an outdoor activity that I love AND the problem solving and puzzles that he loves…sometimes I know how to compromise 😉  .

Have Ya Herd Corn Maze:

Have Ya Herd Corn Maze Hudson

The fun part about the “Corn Maze” is that there are actually four different mazes.

Once they drop you off at the entrance you take a direct path to the center where you can pick from four different goat maze routes. Once you reach the checkpoint of that particular maze you have finished the maze! The inconvenient/yet still fun part is that in order to get back to the middle in this maze, you actually need to find your way backwards. So you’re sort of doing each maze twice.

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We successfully completed all four routes and have the photographic proof for the haters.

Have Ya Herd Corn Maze Exit

It took us about 90 minutes to complete. The first route we didn’t use the map at all, but since we knew they closed at 4pm and we didn’t start until 2:30pm, we decided for the last three to look at the map prior to plan our route, and then look at it again before we headed back to the middle. This was a good exercise in memory!


Have Ya Herd Goats

I was so excited to also pet the goats and I literally cried when I realized that the goats would actually be IN COSTUMES! How absolutely fucking adorable!!!!

Have Ya Herd Corn Maze

The maze is closed for the season now, but I would definitely recommend getting it on your radar for next year. 


Have Ya Herd does also do Goat Yoga, which I’ve actually done and loved. They do have that still happening so you can visit their website to book.

For your viewing pleasure I’m going to share some of those photos

Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events!

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