Azul Tequila Bar and Grill | Hudson Wisconsin

Azul Tequila Bar and Grill Hudson Wisconsin

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like tacos! I was excited to go out for impromptu dinner with my parents for my mom’s birthday in Hudson. I was even more excited when my mom picked Azul Tequila Bar and Grill, because I live for queso dip.


Azul Tequila Chips and Salsa

Chips & Salsa

Complimentary chips & salsa are a staple, but I have to say this salsa was delicious and the chips were perfection.

Azul Tequila Hudson Queso Dip

Cheese Dip

Waiter: Do you want the large or small cheese dip?
Me/Mom: uhhh….
Me: We’ll take the large
*waiter walks away*
Dad to me: I see you remembered who was paying…

hahahahahaha. Thanks for paying, Dad!

Azul Tequila Bar and Grill Enchiladas Rancheras

Enchiladas Rancheras

Made with three bean & cheese enchiladas, home made pork carnitas, grilled bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions, topped with ranchero sauce. Served with rice and sour cream. The best part about this meal was that it reheated perfectly, because obviously I ate way too much cheese dip and could only finish half of it.



Azul Tequila Margaritas

Cucumber Margarita

I thought I’d love the cucumber. It wasn’t bad, but not my favorite. Mom got the traditional margarita and loved it and dad got the Modelo Especial.



Azul Tequila Bar and Grill

When we pulled up to a strip mall in Hudson I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once we got inside it did have the same traditional Mexican restaurant decor you’d expect. 

Our server was great and the food was delicious. 5 stars.

Azul Tequila Bar and Grill
2421 Hanley Road
Hudson, WI 54016
Monday – Wednesday: 11AM – 9:30PM
Thursday – Saturday: 11AM – 10PM
Sunday: 11AM – 9PM

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