W.A. Frost and Co. | St. Paul, MN


I’ve tried and failed in past summers to get onto W.A. Frost and Company‘s patio and I was not going to make that same mistake this year. Their patio is continuously listed on the top patios of the Twin Cities and it is clear why!


W.A Frost and Co. Scone of the Day

Scone of the Day

The moment “chocolate” and “caramel” were mentioned I was sold on getting the featured scone. It was SO good. We ended up splitting it, because it was so rich and I wanted to make sure I ate my meal!

W.A Frost and Company Saint Paul, Minnesota Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict: English muffin, poached egg, bacon, yellow Chile hollandaise, side of greens.

I’m going to be honest that my initial go-to was going to be the grilled cheese, because 1. I love grilled cheese and 2. I’m usually pretty underwhelmed by breakfast foods. I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone by ordering Eggs Benedict. I know, you’re thinking “how is Eggs Benedict out of your comfort zone?!” But being truthful, I am just not a hollandaise person – I’ve never liked it. However: I was obsessed with W.A. Frost’s and would have gladly licked my plate clean. The greens had a delightful citrus dressing as well.



W.A Frost and Company Saint Paul, Minnesota Cold Press Martini

Cold Brew Martini: Vodka, Don Coccio & Figli, Cold Brew, Baileys

Unsurprising to everyone that knows me or has seen my posts: there was a coffee cocktail and I ordered it…and then I ordered it again… and then I ordered it a third time. LET ME LIVE MY LIFE! 😆

This is the face of pure caffeinated, yet boozy, joy:

W.A Frost and Company Saint Paul, Minnesota

Fiance, also as expected, got the mimosa.



W.A Frost and Company Saint Paul, Minnesota Patio

Their patio is beautiful. It really is. All the hype is real. The service wasn’t that great, however. Our server was super nice, but it took 15 minutes for him to approach our table. We watched tables around us wait even longer by other servers. I very much understand that staffing is an issue right now, but it meant that we didn’t even get our drinks until 30ish minutes after we sat down and we weren’t eating until around noon when our reservation was at 11 AM.

This isn’t going to stop us from returning, but I think it’s important to note that if you have a reservation there, expect to just buckle up for the ride and not hurry out of there!

3.5 Stars

W.A. Frost & Company
374 Selby Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55102
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
Weekend Brunch: 10AM – 2PM

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