Minnesota State Fair Foods 2022 | Saint Paul, MN


The Minnesota State Fair is my favorite food event of the year! Normally I go multiple times, but with my wedding in a couple months we were forced to try to jam pack everything into one power 4 hour visit this year, which meant that I had to forgo a few normal fair food staples to make room for more new foods.

Below are all the foods we had this year plus the new items from Nordic Waffles that we were able to try at a State Fair preview event the night before it opened.

Fair Food Favorites:

2022 Minnesota State Fair Foods Cheese on a Stick

Although our major mission was to try new foods, we had to sneak in a couple of our absolute favorites!

Cheese Curds:

Minnesota State Fair 2022 Cheese Curds

Fiance’s first stop tradition is always cheese curds. He is adamant that the best stand is the one by machinery hill. The link below has their exact stand location.

MN State Fair Location



Hands down the absolute best fair food is cheese-on-a-stick. I love it so much that I also make sure to hit up their stand every year at the Roseville VFW. There are a lot of different stands, but I assure you, this is the right one. You can even get jalapeno cheese if you want!

MN State Fair Location

Qui Viet Eggroll-On-A-Stick:


There is no eggroll equal to this one. If you can’t make it during the fair, don’t worry, they have multiple restaurants in the metro as well!

MN State Fair Location

Schell’s Grain Belt Blu:


This beer is a favorite – make sure you get the one with the topper!

MN State Fair Location

Minnesota State Fair 2022 New Foods:

Minnesota State Fair Lulu's Public House

Now onto the new MN State Fair foods! These are not listed in any particular order. I would say my must gets are definitely the tot dog from Lulu’s and I also loved the new Dino’s Tirokroketes.

Lulu’s Public House Tot Dog:

Minnesota State Fair Lulu's Public House Tot Dog

The tot dog at Lulu’s Public House was the one I was determined to get and we waited in line for about 40 minutes to have it – WORTH IT. I absolutely loved the hard crust that came from the crushed tots and the cheese sauce to dip in was *chef’s kiss.*

Lulu’s Bonus Item:  Mac & Cheese Bites On-A-Stick

MN State Fair 2022 Mac and Cheese Bites

They’re not anything you wouldn’t expect, but I would still recommend snatching them up, because what isn’t to love about deep fried mac and cheese?

MN State Fair Location

Dino’s Gyros Tirokroketes:


I tried SO hard to pronounce these and the cashier was even sweet enough to try to help me, but I think I’m a lost cause haha.


I highly recommend these feta/cream cheese/mozzarella bites. They were definitely one of my favorite new items this year.

MN State Fair Location

The Herbivorous Butcher Poultrygeist:


I was so excited to see Herbivorous Butcher at the fair, because I’m been wanting to try them for YEARS. While I’m not vegan, I do have a great appreciation for the science and artistry that goes into making food out of something taste like something else. The Poultrygeist (vegan fried chicken and sausage gravy) was everything I hoped it would be.

MN State Fair Location

Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich:


This is not a “new fair food,” but it is a new fair food for us. Fiance said it was definitely worth the hype.

MN State Fair Location

Nordic Waffles Preview Event:


I was honored to have been invited by Nordic Waffles to their new food preview event the night before the fair began and to live my dream of being one of the first people at the fair haha.

Nordic Waffles New Items:


Belly Full Nordic Waffle: Pork belly, coleslaw, jalapeno jam, spring onion-infused waffle

Vanilla Dream Nordic Waffle: Coated with cinnamon and sugar, filled with Norwegian vanilla custard cream

Nordic Spiked Tea: Black tea and lemonade, with spic mix of cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, orange


I would get either waffle again. The spiked tea wasn’t exactly for me, but I did love the lemonade!

MN State Fair Location

And that’s a wrap!


Minnesota State Fair
Open through Labor Day

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