The Wild Hare | Stillwater, MN

Wild Hare Stillwater MN Dining

We spent an impromptu afternoon/evening in downtown Stillwater, Minnesota last Sunday, first meeting Fiance’s family at Forge & Foundry Distillery (Hipster Hack coming soon) and then we lucked out snagging a spot on the patio at The Wild Hare for dinner with friends, because with it being Labor Day weekend, downtown Stillwater was packed and the waits we were being quoted elsewhere were an hour.

We had never been before so it was also great to be able to check another place off the list.


Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater MN Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds with Moroccan Seasoning: Ranch and Harissa Aioli

If there are cheese curds I need to order them. Our table of 4 ended up getting both the cheese curds and the Onion rings so that we could try them both. We opted in for the Moroccan seasoning on both and it was definitely the right choice.

Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater MN Onion Rings

Onion Rings with Moroccan Seasoning: Fry Sauce and Horseradish Aioli

Each app comes with a side of sauce, but because we wanted to try different ones, we each ordered an extra sauce for 50 cents. I would order both appetizers again, but the cheese curds were my favorite (unsurprising to anyone ha).


Main Course:

Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater Minnesota Korean Bowl

Korean Bowl: Korean BBQ, Rice Noodles, Mushroom, Broccolini, Peppers, Bok Choy, Sesame

I was wavering between the Blackened Burger and the Korean Bowl. I am so happy I went with my gut and got the Korean Bowl instead of sticking to more of my usual, because it was absolutely delicious. I also opted to add chicken to mine, which was perfectly cooked and paired so well with the sauce.

Hipster Hack Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater Minnesota The Casablanca Burger

Casablanca Burger: Cumin Lemon Pepper, Harissa Aioli, Pipperada, Goat Cheese, Mix Greens with French Fries and Harissa Aioli

Fiance’s brother actually recommended the Casablanca Burger to him, because they had actually just eaten there earlier in the day. He has a weakness for Harissa Aioli so it wasn’t too hard of a sell, but he absolutely raved as he was eating it.

The friends we were eating with got the hot wings and The Papa burger and were also very happy with their choices.



Hipster Hack Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater Minnesota The Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince: Vodka, Lemon, Mint, Simple Syrup

I was going to go for THE DUDE (espresso, liqueur, vodka, cream and nutmeg), but I had already had three “Wake Me Up Before You Go Girls” across the street at Forge & Foundry Distillery (which is another coffee cocktail) so in the interest of not being unable to fall asleep, I went with The Fresh Prince. It wasn’t much different than my normal Vodka + Soda, except of course the sweetness of the simple syrup, but I absolutely loved the mint in it. I may just request that in my vodka + sodas from now on!



Hipster Hack Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater Minnesota

We were very excited to get a spot on the patio, because it was such a beautiful night.

You can read the whole story of the menu mash-up on their website, but it’s basically a fusion of bar fare and health food with Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors.

Hipster Hack Wild Hare Downtown Stillwater Minnesota Menu

The decor is based in 90s nostalgia and although we didn’t spend enough time inside to see it all, I’m excited to go back and take a walk back into my childhood.

5 stars.

The Wild Hare
218 Main Street N.
Stillwater, MN 5

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