Little Italy | Hudson, WI


Little Italy is the newest Italian restaurant in Hudson, WI and my sister, Andrea, is the Operations Manager there. I’m putting that first to be fully transparent, but if anyone knows our family, they would also know if we don’t agree with something or think it sucks we’re the first to tell one another haha, so I assure you that I am only posting this because the food is legitimately really good and I was not asked to.

It actually even worked out perfectly so I was able to go to dinner while Andrea was working and with our other sister, Ashley! There’s nothing better than stolen sister time!


Dunkers: House Bread, Garlic Butter, Mozzarella, Rustic Tomato Sauce

According to my sister, Little Italy’s specialties are “carbs & cockies” haha so although it was definitely not needed, I have a weakness for Italian Dunkers (yes, like the ones we would get in our school lunches) and seeing these on the menu made me so happy and I had to have them! They were exactly as I’d expect, but naturally a much higher caliber than elementary school hahaha

Fun Fact: When we were dating my fiance actually made me homemade Italian Dunkers with Jimmy John’s bread yummmmmm.


Main Course:

Champagne Chicken: Pan Fried Chicken Breast, Crimini Mushrooms, Bruschetta Tomatoes, Fettucini, Champagne Sauce

This was really good. The chicken was cooked perfectly in my opinion and I’m a sucker for mushrooms. The sauce is good, but really rich so if you don’t love a rich white sauce, I would maybe suggest doing a marinara dish instead!

Chicken Marsala: On special this month

My sister, Ashley, ordered the Chicken Marsala. She almost got a salad, because she is not a huge Italian food eater (yeah, I don’t know how we’re related either), but luckily she decided to carb it up with me. Her review: 5 stars.



Did I have room for dessert? Nope. Did I make room? Yep.

Butterscotch Dipped Cannoli w/Chocolate Chip Creme

I really enjoyed the butterscotch, but it’s definitely the main flavor, so if you’re not a butterscotch fan I would recommend selecting a different item.


When is tiramisu the wrong choice? Answer: Never.


Located right off the main street, it’s super easy to find. Parking in downtown Hudson can be an issue so if you haven’t been before I would recommend downloading the Passport Parking app ahead of time.

The decor is super cute and sleek/modern, which is my aesthetic always.

We obviously got sat in Andrea’s section, but I was watching and the service at every table was quick and every patron looked happy!

5 stars.

Little Italy
523 2nd Street
Hudson, WI 54016


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