Apostle Supper Club | Saint Paul, MN

Apostle Supper Club Saint Paul Minnesota Hipster Hack

It felt kismet that minutes after I had read an article about the opening of Apostle Supper Club in Saint Paul a friend suggested we meet there for dinner.


Relish Tray

They server all entrees with a relish tray, which is very up my alley. Such a great idea and very on theme.

Five Cheese Fondue: Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, American and Parmesan served with Charred Baguette and Vegetables

Cheese is my love language and who can say no to fondue?! (Insert dad joke about it being fon-DO not fon-DON’T). Our server let us know that the cheese fondue is a best seller and it’s obvious why. Absolutely loved it.


Main Course:

El Royale with Cheese: Double Smash Patty, Brie Sauce, Arugula, Pickled Red Onion, Chili Mayo, Sesame Bun and Fries

I was set on a steak to fit the supper club vibe, but when I saw the Royale with cheese I couldn’t stop thinking of Pulp Fiction so I just had to. It was really good and filling and I’d definitely get it again.

6oz Chicken Fried Lobster: Drawn Garlic Butter and Caper Tartar Sauce served with Rainbow Chard and Kale

I apologize for not the best photo, but when my friend ordered the chicken fried lobster I had to document it.

Verdict: she liked it.



Dark & Dirty Martini: Stoli Vanilla, Kahlua and Espresso

Call it what you want, but I know an espresso martini when I see one and can sniff that out on a menu like a bloodhound hahaha. I was good, though, and only had two.



Such a fun vibe and eclectic space. My favorite moment of the night happened while I was walking to the bathroom: the guy walking in front of me noticed the shag carpeting on the walls and suddenly reached out and pet it. When he looked behind and saw he had a witness his bashfulness was so great. The whole place was full of funky, retro touches like that.

Our server was absolutely fantastic and the food was really good. The only thing I didn’t love was the parking situation. They are located right across from the Xcel Energy Center and there was a Wild Game that night so we were stuck paying $15 for the ramp, because it was “event pricing.” If you’re worried about that I’d suggest doing your research ahead of time.

All-in-all, I loved it and cannot wait to go back.

Apostle Supper Club
253 Kellogg Blvd West
Saint Paul, MN 55102


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