Spoon and Stable | Minneapolis, MN

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Appetizers

We’ve been to Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis, Minnesota only once before, which is crazy, because Chef Gavin Kaysen is a personal hero of my husband’s, so much so that he just bought his cook book and already read through every recipe.

Both times the food was absolutely amazing and the service was great. The first time we went it was a 2.5 hour dining experience, this time the service was a little more efficient and we were out of there in about 90 minutes, but then again, our first visit was a weeknight and this visit was 7pm on a Saturday night.


Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Beef Tartare

Bison Tartare: harissa aïoli, watermelon radish, cilantro, dried olive, socca

I am not a tartare person so I asked husband to share his thoughts – “it was fucking delightful.” So there you have it hahaha.

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis MN

In addition to the tartare, they brought bread for the table and I want to bathe in this butter.


Main Course:

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Scallops

Scallops: Spinach risotto, sour orange, romanesco, espelette pepper

I thought I didn’t like risotto, but that’s clearly a lie, because I ate every piece of this one. The scallops were excellently cooked and the flavor pairing of the spinach and orange was so good.

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Pot roast

Dorothy’s Pot Roast: Pommes aligot, confit mushroom, rosemary broth with foie gras

At first glance, “pot roast” doesn’t feel like it belongs on this menu, but knowing that Dorothy is Chef’s Grandma, husband couldn’t resist trying it. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t lick the plate at the end. This is the recipe he’s most excited about in the cookbook.

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Creamed Spinach Cheese Curds

Creamy Spinach and Cheese Curds

We tried to order new things, but I couldn’t stop myself from ordering the creamy spinach cheese curds again. They are so good.



Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Gimlet

Gimlet: Ford’s officer’s reserve gin old duff genever, lime, citrus oleo, bitters

I get that gin isn’t everyone’s favorite, but I love it. This gimlet was right up my alley.

Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Sazerac

Sazerac: Toki japanese whisky, green tea lime cordial, mango eau de vie, peychauds

Husband ordered the sazerac, which I had never heard of. When I asked what it was, his explanation was “a whiskey cocktail.” Sold.



Spoon & Stable Minneapolis Minnesota Dessert

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae: Popped sorghum, kumquat, almond financier

I was very full, but could not resist dessert. I swear the almonds taste just like popcorn!



As mentioned, the service and atmosphere was fantastic. Our goal is to go back for brunch very soon.

Spoon and Stable
211 North 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401


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