The Market at Malcolm Yards | Minneapolis, MN

Wrecktangle Pizza Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Like basically every other Minnesotan, we wanted to try Wrecktangle Pizza hot off their win on the Good Morning America Ultimate Pizza competition. The closest location to us is at The Market at Malcolm Yards, which was an added bonus for me, because I have been wanting to try out this food hall for a while.

We assumed that it would be a bit of a wait for pizza (which it was) so it was great to also have so many other options to snack on.

Wrecktangle Pizza:

Wrecktangle Pizza Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Wrecktangle Pizza was our first stop, which was a good thing, because the wait was 60 minutes for a pizza. They do offer you the to-go option, which I would definitely recommend doing if you’re going to be like us and end up eating too much while waiting to have more than a slice!

Disclaimer: none of us got the breakfast pizza, which was the “winning” pizza and while I was very happy with my Betty White selection, both husband and his brother really wish they would have tried it.

Wrecktangle Pizza Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Betty White: Ricotta, oaxaca cheese, garlic butter

I got the specialty ranch with my pizza, which I highly recommend. I loved it.

The Betty White, in my opinion, lived up to it’s name; surprising, delightful, yet relate-able.

Wrecktangle Pizza Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Shredder: Pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, whipped Cry Baby Craig’s honey, pecorino romano, red sauce

Husband got the Shredder and while he said it was good, he did note that there wasn’t anything super surprising or different about it. It’s a classic, cooked really well.


Bagu Sushi:

Bagu Sushi Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

I’m not super adventurous when it comes to sushi, but I love it and don’t get to eat it often since husband isn’t a fan, so whenever it’s available I make sure to order at least a roll. The Malcolm Roll was the perfect choice for me.

Bagu Sushi Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Malcolm Roll: Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Mayo, Topped with Snow Crab

The roll held up when I used chopsticks, which is always a feat haha. I loved the spicy kick at the end from the mayo as well.

Bagu Sushi Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Bagu Roll: Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Topped with Tuna, Masago, House Sauce

My brother-in-law got the Bagu Roll and let me try a piece. It was not only beautiful, but tasted great. Unfortunately, this one did not really hold up with our moderate level chopstick skills.


Momo Dosa:

Bison Momos: Humanely harvested bison from South Dakota, onions, ginger, spices wrapped in organic all-purpose flour wrapper. Served with tomato chutney and spicy mint cilantro chutney

Husband was hangry when we got the Malcolm Yards and wasn’t super excited to see that the pizza line was 60 minutes, so when I saw Momo Dosa I excitedly pointed it out to him, because I got him to try Momos at the farmer’s market with me and he loved them. This was the perfect little appetizer/snack to tide him over and his first time having a bison version.



Delsur Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

Beef & Chorizo Empanadas

While BIL and I got sushi, Husband got some empanadas. I loved the branding detail on the crust, so cute!

He got 2 beef and 2 chorizo. Obviously I had one (beef) and it was really good….now I’m sure you’re seeing why I was so full when it came to eating the pizza haha.



Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

They have a really “self-pour tap wall,” that allows you to pay per ounce by simply scanning your card (see the atmosphere/service section for a card explanation).

They have a variety of beers, ciders, seltzers and wines. This was super intuitive and made it so quick to get a drink. Big fan.

Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

They do also have a bar available if you’d prefer something stronger than what’s on tap.



Malcolm Yards Market Minneapolis

The coolest feature about Malcolm Yards is their pay system. You sign up for a card at the front and then just scan to pay as you go and get one total instead of having to pay separately at every food stall. This is also how it was possible to pay per ounce on the tap wall.

The only downside was that our card got misplaced (I won’t say by who, but it wasn’t me…..) and immediately after realizing it I went up to the front and they were great helping me close out the first card and verify the purchases before setting me up with a new one. I would have felt dumb, but they assured me it happens often haha. Oops.

All in all a super fun experience and this is definitely the type of place you could spend multiple hours in the afternoon snacking and drinking and vibing. 4 stars.

The Market at Malcolm Yards
501 30th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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