Fogo de Chao | Minneapolis

Fogo de Chao Minneapolis

As I’ve talked about before, I started this blog as a creative writing outlet that would also push me when I moved to Minneapolis to get out and try new things. It’s pretty funny for me that while I occasionally dabble in lackluster poetry and lifestyle blogging, food is really the only thing that I’m super excited to share with other people haha. That said, quarantine during COVID-19 has hit me hard and I’ve been staring at these photos from Fogo de Chao for weeks and just haven’t been able to find the motivation to give it the Hipster Hack that it deserves.

After years (literal years) of boyfriend begging me to go to Fogo de Chao with him and me denying him, because 1. I assumed it was similar to a buffet (I always get full after 1 plate so it’s not worth it for me) and  2. meat has always intimidated me…that’s what she said (I know that sounds ridiculous, but honestly, I am not knowledgeable about beef cuts or types), I finally acquiesced.

TL:DR version: Boyfriend and I happen to have our birthdays 3 days apart so we decided to treat ourselves to a joint celebration dinner at Fogo!

*Fun Fact: you’ve probably been pronouncing this wrong. It’s not “Fogo day Chow” instead it’s pronounced “Fogo dee shown”

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