B&G Wine & Liquor | Northeast Minneapolis

beer wine

B&G Wine & Liquor is a convenient 3 blocks from my apartment. They’re also open until 10pm…dangerous.

What I like most about this liquor store (besides the obvious convenience) is the staff.


The employees are not only super friendly, but they’re entertaining. Upon stopping outside the door to make sure it was still open (since it was after 9pm), one of the workers opened up the door and said, “I’ve been waiting for you inside. You’re late. Were you going to stand out here all night?”

I’ve also been told to: “Keep doing what you’re doing,” after it was revealed I was, indeed, over 21 years of age.

However, my favorite encounter was the time my roommate bought a bottle of wine and informed them it was her post 5k run “treat.” When she walked outside the guy turned to me and said I should move out, because “she’s a bad influence on you.” Continue reading